Nikita Dragun’s breathtaking “Dragun Lash” Launching on Morphe and Dragun Beauty

So we all know that Nikita Dragun is a transgender icon who came out in December 2015. At the same time, she has been through quite a few controversies, like black fishing. Nikita also appeared in Netflix’s Hype House show. And she was called out by her very dear friend ‘Larray’ about the black fishing. But Nikita still continues to be a fan favorite. The make-up artist, YouTuber, and model who found fame through her YouTube make-up channel is all set to introduce a new line of faux lashes to her makeup brand Dragun Beauty!

Nikita Dragun partner-up with Morphe

So Nikita Dragun’s makeup line Dragun Beauty, has ensured top-quality products since its inception. And partnered with Moprhe in 2020. Since then, it has blossomed into one of the best make-up brands! The cosmetics manufacturer has a customer base of over 5 million buyers, so Dragun Beauty is sure to make an impact. With the motto “Live your fantasies,” Dragun Beauty by Nikita Dragun promises the hottest looks!

While Morphe also partnered with Jeffree Star Cosmetics, they soon broke it off after Jeffree Star ran into controversies with Shane Dawson.

Dragun Lashes

As we already know, faux lashes are a personal favorite for Nikita Dragun. And she slays in them as well! Since she’s faced a few embarrassing oops moments with eyelashes in the past, she has decided to make her own. Now, this launch will give us that perfect luscious eyelash look!

“When the lash goes on, I act like a damn fool!”

Nikita Dragun

In an Instagram post 3 days ago, Dragun Beauty posted a video with the caption:

“We spy something new. Drop a [heart] if you’re excited for the dragunlash drop, divas!”

Dragun Beauty Instagram post

And the lashes haven’t even dropped yet, but fans are excited already!

While no further details have dropped, you can bet we’re keeping our eyes peeled for any and all details. So stay tuned to Dankanator! The Dragun Lashes will be launching soon on Dragun Beauty and Morphe.

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