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Niall Horan slams rumors he was mistreated during One Direction Tours

Niall Horan slams rumors he was mistreated during One Direction Tours

With Quarantine and the whole lockdown situation, it is clear that we have a little too much time on our hands. And after 2 months going on 3 in lockdown, there is little to nothing that entertains us. So, what is there for us to do while we stay home and stay safe from the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). Well it looks like Directioners know how to stay busy with throwback band moments as One Direction Reunion is underway. Digging up old theories, rumors, and whatnot, the fans seem to have brought up the videos from when Niall Horan was crying. Fans over the years have speculated time and time again that he was crying. Here is the video of the performance that went viral for having the funny one of the lot crying.

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Niall Horan responds to fans saying he was crying in One Direction concert

So, as Quarantine has made Niall Horan become so much more active on Twitter, he is addressing rumors that said One Direction Management made him cry.

He started off by replying to a fan with laughing emojis as she questions the Niall Horan crying situation. Then, he goes on to start responding to tweets by fans. His followers were shocked that he was laughing at the situation.

After this, a fan questions whether Niall Horan is the one responding to the rumor tweets cause it doesn’t sound like him.

Niall’s tweets don’t sound like him, because they’re not him.

To this, the Slow Hands singer responds saying;

Are they not?

Sketchy. He responds to a few more tweets denying the mistreatment by One Direction and his management and agrees with one fan who points out that he would not be signed as a solo artist with the same management firm if there were this many issues. You can find them on Twitter.

After a fan shows him the link to the video mentioned above, Niall Horan seems to be in over the rumor spreading fans as he ‘quits’.

A fan then says that she loves to watch Niall roast people as he loves to do it. What -?

At this point, Niall sounds pissed off as he responds with this;

I just don’t understand how people can say what they want about me online ( a person they don’t know ) and then when I come back at it I’m the prick. I’m not roasting anyone.

Well, whether or not the rumors are true, we know Niall Horan is over it now.

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