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Niall Horan Jealous Over Shawn Mendes Bonding With Greg James?

Niall Horan Jealous Over Shawn Mendes Bonding With Greg James?

Do you guys need an introduction to Niall Horan? I hope not. For Halloween this year, let’s talk about a tale of deceit and betrayal instead of something spooky. Don’t know what I mean? I’m talking about the friendship triangle between Greg James, Niall Horan, and Shawn Mendes. And how things went south between them.

The whole thing started earlier this month when Greg was left hanging by Shawn Mendes, who failed to ring in live for his Radio 1 interview. However, Shawn was “mortified” and thus sent a sweet and polite apology. And, well, things escalated. The two ended up swapping haircare tips and became the best of buds.

And then came Niall, who was pretty miffed off about the whole thing. Why, you ask? He and Greg were best friends before Shawn came into Greg’s life.

Niall Horan, trying to poke fun at his best friend’s new friendship, the One Direction star decided to leave him a text that went quite like this:

‘Hey, Greg it’s Niall Horan. ‘Just to let you know, I use Redken Rough Paste in my hair. See you soon x.’

Greg replied back to him, saying, ‘You wanna get on the oil m8,’ to which Niall replied back with a string of laughing face emojis.

At this point, Greg knew what Niall was up to. He knew he was jealous. So what did he do? Instead of giving his best friend positive affirmations, Greg rubbed salt into his betrayal wound.

He sent him another text saying:

‘When you get to the luscious length Shawn, and I have, you’ll understand x.’

Of course, the One Direction star had to try and keep his dignity intact. He fired back with a text that said, ‘two mops.’

New Updates About The Greg, Shawn Mendes, And Niall Horan Triangle

Greg shared a screenshot of their exchange on Instagram. He captioned it:

‘Someone’s getting jealous…cc: @shawnmendes.’

He also changed Niall’s contact name to ‘ex-best friend Niall’ in a cheeky turn of events.

Niall Horan shared his appreciation for Greg’s post by commenting with a string of laughing emojis (that he loves, in case you could not tell) and encouraged his fans to ‘try the hair oil.’ Even Greg agreed with Niall and quickly jumped on Shawn’s pampering bandwagon, saying, ‘YES, NIALL. TRY THE OIL.’

We don’t know what to make of this surprising turn of events. But one thing is for sure; quarantine life has been hard on everyone—even the stars.