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Netflix's 'Like Father' Based on a True Story?

Netflix’s ‘Like Father’ Based on a True Story?

Lauren Miller Rogen's makes her first directorial debut with Like Father which might just be based on her personal experiences.

‘Like Father’ is the newest film to hit our Netflix screens. We all know that Netflix has a history of producing shows based on stories, dreams, or novels. Like the popular romantic comedy, The Kissing Booth comes from a Wattpad story that turned into a novel later. But even more thrilling is that Netflix has based a whole film on an actual, real-life story.

‘Like Father’ offers something very personal – the actual family experience of its writer and director, Lauren Miller Rogen.

Lauren Miller Rogen has previously written movies and even starred in them. But ‘Like Father’ marks her first directorial debut. The new Netflix film, which came out on August 3rd, revolves around an ambitious workaholic named Rachel who got stood up on her wedding day. Instead of taking on her honeymoon with her new husband, Rachel is joined by her long-estranged father, Harry. While on the cruise ship, the two try to work on their strained relationship. But a fellow cruiser believes that the whole idea is insane. The film continues to unravel with heart-wrenching conversations, chaos, and laughter.

The brilliant cast of ‘Like Father’

Kristen Bell stars as Rachel in the upcoming Netflix movie, while Kelsey Grammer plays her father, Harry. Lauren Miller’s husband, Seth Rogen, appears in the film as a person on the cruise ship with Rachel and Harry. Even though, in reality, Lauren Miller was not left at the altar, and she did not embark on a cruise with her estranged father either. But still, somehow, ‘Like Father’ could be based on her real story. She revealed this in an interview, saying that the script came from an intensely personal place.

Even when Lauren Miller Rogen’s mom inspires the film, she credits it to her real father.

Recently, Lauren Miller shared a picture with her father on Instagram. And shared that the title of the movie ‘Like Father’ depicts her relationship with her dad. Lauren Miller Rogen seems to have close bonds with her family. After her mother’s death, she and her husband, Seth Rogen, set up a charity institute for Alzheimer’s patients. The ‘Hilarity for Charity’ helps raise money for the patients and awareness among the younger generations.

The way that Rogen connects with her family might have something to do with the fact that her first directorial debut is based on a father-daughter relationship. Like Father is now streaming on Netflix.