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Netflix’s You Season 5 Fan Theories To Blow Your Mind

In the second half of You season 4, we bid farewell to Joe‘s Jonathan Moore identity, but there’s still a chance for another season. Although You season 5 hasn’t been officially announced, given the show’s success and Penn Badgley‘s six-year contract with Netflix, it seems likely that Joe Goldberg will return.

You Netflix season 4, part 2 concludes Joe‘s time in London nicely, but there are numerous theories about what could happen to him next. Joe has had a few false “happy endings” in the past, such as his move to Madre Linda with Love Quinn at the conclusion of You season 3.

The You season 4 finale shows Kate Galvin covering up Joe‘s murder and accepting his past. However, it’s unclear how much Kate knows about Joe‘s past, and she may only have suspected him of killing his wife rather than being aware of his other murders, such as Beck‘s. Joe falls back into his old habits and frames Edward for Rhys Montrose’s murder, as well as framing Nadia for Edwards murder.

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At the end of You season 4, Joe suggests that with Kate’s wealth and power, the killing will be easier than ever. As a result, the possibilities for You season 5 are endless, as Joe has had money before, but Kate‘s wealth takes things to another level.

YOU Season 5 – Theory Number One

Kate kills Joe

In the season 4 finale of YOU Netflix, Kate helps Joe cover up a murder and comes to terms with his past. However, it’s unclear how much she knows about Joe‘s history. Kate might only suspect him of killing his wife and not be aware of his other victims, like Beck. Joe goes back to his old tricks and frames Edward for Rhys Montrose‘s death, as well as framing Nadia for Edward‘s murder. Joe even hints that with Kate‘s wealth, the killing will become even easier.

YOU Season 5 – Theory Number Two

Mooney’s Bookstore makes a Comeback!

At the closing of You season 4, Joe mentions purchasing a struggling bookstore. Fans speculate that the store is likely Mooney‘s, a special place for Joe. With his newfound wealth, he decides to reopen it, placing season 5 of You in an intriguing position. This will bring Joe back to New York for the first time since season 1. However, returning to his old stomping grounds might not be a wise choice for Joe, as there could still be people who suspect him of his past crimes.

Netflix You Season 5

Reopening Mooney‘s also means that Joe will have access to his infamous cage. He can easily rebuild it and continue trapping his victims without fear of being caught, now that he can get away with murder more easily. Therefore, being back in New York and at Mooney‘s will give Joe the chance to indulge in his old habits again.

YOU Season 5 – Theory Number Three

Joe tries to kill Kate

In You season 4, Joe realizes that his killing spree will continue until he dies. In an attempt to save Kate, he jumps off a bridge but is taken to the hospital by the police where he reunites with Kate. Suddenly, Joe forgets his suicidal thoughts and decides to live happily ever after with her. However, Love Quinn‘s hallucination earlier in the season convinced him that he was the reason for all the deaths of women he loves. Sadly, all of Joe‘s relationships end the same way, and Kate is unlikely to be an exception, despite her intelligence and resources.

The fact that Joe and Kate move to New York, where everything started in You season 1, suggests that his past will catch up with him. If Kate discovers all of Joe‘s crimes, she may threaten to expose him or even have him killed, causing Joe to feel the need to eliminate her. It’s also possible that Joe may become obsessed with another woman or discover that Marienne is still alive, leading him to murder Kate. However, this will be a challenging task for Joe, as Kate is much wealthier and more powerful than Love, making her disappearance almost impossible to pull off.

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YOU Season 5 – Theory Number Four

Joe becomes a monster with Kate’s money and clout

Joe‘s upbringing in poverty has made him a person who is always seeking financial security. In the past, his victims have been relatively wealthy, such as Beck and Love Quinn, who were financially successful enough to help Joe cover up their crimes. However, Kate Lockwood is from a different world of wealth, the kind that allowed her father to get away with terrible crimes. Joe realizes that with Kate‘s money and love, he can kill without guilt, and even suggests that killing will be easier now.

He sees his relationship with Kate as a win-win situation, as she gives him the illusion of being a good person and the possibility of covering up his crimes. However, Joe‘s troubled psyche always seems to surface, so his happy ending with Kate is unlikely to last long in You season 5.

YOU Season 5 – Theory Number Five

Joe reunites with his Mom and Brother

Joe Goldberg‘s return to New York could mean a reunion with his mother and half-brother, Jakey, whom she left him for. This event could add to Joe‘s complicated feelings about women, which were already shaped by his other childhood traumas. Although it is unclear whether Joe would seek out his family or vice versa, it is likely that he still harbors negative emotions toward them.

While delving into Joe‘s roots could shed light on his character, previous You seasons have shown that Joe‘s repressed memories have a profound impact on him in the present. Therefore, reuniting with his family could trigger traumatic experiences and potentially lead to Joe‘s downfall.

As we eagerly await the release of the new season of Netflix’s You, the possibilities for Joe Goldberg‘s next move are endless. Will he continue his killing spree, or will his love for Kate be enough to keep him on the straight and narrow? What will happen when he reunites with his family in New York?