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Nessa Barrett’s songs highlight betrayal in her relationship

Nessa Barrett has been making headlines since last year, mostly for all the wrong reasons. However, she has come out of the whole drama unscathed (kind of) and she is busy making her life peaceful again. Her “on and off” relationship with Josh Richards, the “betrayal” when she started dating Josh’s best friend Jaden Hossler while on a break with Josh, and breaking the “sis code” as per Madison Lewis, is everything people are talking about these days. The unwavering focus of paparazzi on the new couple have led us to go through her released/unreleased songs again. And the lyrics tell a very deep story, indeed.

Starting her musical career

Nessa Barrett started her musical career after gaining fame on the viral app, TikTok. She was dating Josh Richards for a few months and that helped in growing her number of followers. She also used to casually sing for her fans and the feedback led her to focus more on her singing career. After her breakup with Josh Richards following the Chase Hudson drama, Nessa put all her efforts in working on her music.

Like many of the successful singers out there, she wrote her own songs inspired by the events in her life. So far, Nessa has only released three songs, one of which is a collaboration with her now-boyfriend Jaden Hossler. The song, la di die, is believed to be the reason Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler broke up. Even though Mads loves the song, she stated that something started brewing between the two while they were still working on the song.

Nessa Barrett’s debut song Pain was released on July 31, 2020. It became a successful hit right away. Her next track “if you love me” was released in October and many believed it was about Josh Richards. Now that we have teasers from almost all of her songs, it seems like Nessa is hinting towards betrayal in her relationship with Josh Richards.

Nessa Barrett’s released songs: Pain, If you love me & La Di Die

In “Pain”, Nessa talks about a breakup she was not ready to face. When they broke up, Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett recorded the breakup announcement video and shared it for their fans. Nessa was crying in the video, and even though it felt mutual, the breakup was taking a toll on her. The reason for the breakup was them being too much in love too soon while still figuring out what to do in their life.


After the breakup, Josh Richards started focusing more on his business ventures and investments. And Nessa Barrett put her heart and soul in focusing on her singing and debut album. Her first track, Pain, highlights the pain she felt after her first breakup:

I feel lost without you
Never thought to doubt you
Oh, who else is there to blame?
So save your best excuses
They can’t get me through this
Maybe time can, maybe space

In the song, Nessa also talked about if whatever she did was not enough for “him”.

Should I say I’m sorry?
Did I mess it up?
All that you got from me
Was it not enough?

If You Love Me

The next song, If You Love Me, is also believed to be about Josh Richards. Fans believed it after watching the official video that featured a Josh Richards-look alike in it.

‘Cause what you don’t know
When my heart goes cold
I hold my demons close
And I don’t let go

La Di Die

The 3rd track, La Di Die, is not just from Nessa Barrett’s point-of-view, it might also be from Jaden Hossler’s point of view as well. Both of them have just started their musical career and both of them are working really hard for their debut albums. In La Di Die, they hint towards their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend:

Gonna be a supеrstar
Be the girl you used to know
Playing on thе radio
La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-die
Loving me is suicide
I’m a dreamer, I’m on fire
La-dah-dee, run for your life

However, in their interview to Celeb Mix, Nessa Barrett said this song is about how fame is dramatized, while in reality it is a very dark place. For Jaden Hossler, the song represented how sometimes the hardest situation seems like the perfect one.

Nessa Barrett’s unreleased tracks

Nessa Barrett recently announced that she will be releasing her 4th track from the debut album soon. However, the release date is not confirmed yet. In a now-deleted tiktok, Nessa confirmed that her new EP will address the recent allegations and it will help telling her side of the story.

When I Die

When i Die is Nessa’s upcoming track about the skeletons in her closet. Many fans believe she is talking about Josh Richards and Mads Lewis in this song.

Skeletons in my closet
Won’t let em come out, they’re locked in
Everybody seems to know my problems
But no one can solve them

Pinching my self so I feel alive
Knife in my hand, murder on my mind
They can’t hurt me when I die

Nessa Barrett has talked about her mental health many times. She also confirmed that she deletes social media when the hatred towards her starts to affect her mental health. After the recent drama and fans picking the #TeamMadsLewis & #TeamJoshRichards, Nessa took to Twitter to confirm that her team will be posting on the social media for now.


It seems like Nessa Barrett is almost done with her debut album since she has released almost all of the teasers of her songs by now. The released lyrics of her song titled “poison” talk about toxic relationship and how it affected her life. This song also seems to highlight her relationship with Josh Richards, and might even hint towards the allegations of him cheating on her.

Used you to numb the pain
Never told you to stay
You fucked my life up, fucked my life up
Oh no, oh no, I can’t
Let you in again
You’re poison, poisoning my veins

On the other hand, this song might just be about Mads Lewis, and Nessa’s friendship with her. After her breakup with Josh Richards, and Madison’s breakup with Jaden Hossler last year, Nessa and Mads lived together for a few months. This song might refer to that time period when Nessa “used” Mads to numb the pain after the breakup. However, soon she might have realized she would never let Mads “in again”.

Love me again

This might just be another song about Josh Richards and how Nessa Barrett might never be able to love again. Nessa recently shared a teaser of this song, and the timings might just be “it”.

I could never love me again
I could never trust me again
If I did half of what you did, __ loves to make me sick
I can never love me, love me, love me again


This song is also awaiting release. However, this one is not about her relationship with Josh Richards. In this song, Nessa Barrett talks about her attempted suicide 4 years back when her father found her unconscious and dialed “911”. For the song, Nessa used his father’s voice to recreate the 911 call. In the song, Nessa would talk about how her demons led her to take the pills.

My shadows follow me in my sleep
They tell me all the things that I can’t be
My paranoia’s creepin’ in
Turns out my demons are my only friends

Nessa Barret coming out as bisexual, and confirming one song will remain unreleased

A few months back, Nessa Barrett shared a teaser from her original song titled Best Friend. In it, she talks about her feelings for her female best friend, and that’s taken as her coming out as bisexual.

I don’t know what to do
But darling I don’t think I can
Call you my best friend
I wish we were lovers instead
And sometimes I just play pretend
She’s more than my best friend
I’m in love, I’m in love with her I swear
I swear, can’t call her my best friend

Nessa Barrett’s official “best friend” everyone knew of was Mads Lewis. If this song is about her, then the things might get more dramatic once the song is released. However, this is just a theory for now. The complete lyrics will help in understanding who is it.


Blood is probably the song that will not be released by Nessa Barrett. The song was assumed to feature Jaden Hossler, and Quinton Griggs. Some fans witnessed the announcement on Instagram Stories when Nessa Barrett confirmed that she will not be releasing this track.

A “leaked clip” of the song shows a pretty good song with interesting lyrics:

Close your eyes I’ll make things right

give yourself to me tonight

I’m all yours give me what’s mine

take the knife out of my heart

our love was evil from the start

I can’t hear you if you are far

come on closer to the dark

All of the songs sound pretty dope. Let’s wait for the time when the album will be released.

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