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Nessa Barrett Shades Mads Lewis for calling Jaden Hossler a cheater

It doesn’t seem like the drama between Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis is going to end anytime soon. In a recent episode of The Early Late Show with Dixie D’Amelio, Mads appeared and made some shocking revelations. She claimed how Jaden Hossler gaslit her cheated on her throughout the relationship. Without skipping a beat, Nessa Barrett made an indirect response to it!

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What Mads Lewis had to say about Jaden Hossler

Mads Lewis told Dixie D’Amelio about how Jaden Hossler often lied to her when the two were dating.

Because you know they all went to Laguna together. Me and josh weren’t invited um. He [Jaden] kissed me goodbye and said, ‘I love you’. Always talked about our future and then left and broke up with me over the phone. And um I found out that he cheated on me throughout our entire relationship.

She further explained that the two technically only dated for two months because they were always in an on-and-off again relationship. But Mads Lewis did add that one of those months was really a happy one for her. But then soon after Jaden Hossler started acting completely different towards her:

First month literally so amazing like such a nice guy and then all of a sudden. We were really happy like you’re so happy and then we kissed on New Year’s and the next day it was like wait i don’t even remember who he is like he was completely different.

Moreover, Mads Lewis even added that Jaden Hossler was a narcissist. She explained that after dating Jaden Hossler she understood what she doesn’t want in a man.

Honestly he’s a narcissist i know a lot of y’all know that is narcissistic people suck they have no emotion towards anyone. They have no sympathy, nothing. They only care about themselves. They really don’t know what love is. They say, ‘I love you’. When they don’t mean it. And they talk about the future and how they’re gonna marry you and have kids with you and how they’re gonna love you forever. But they only talk about that they never talk about in the moment they never want to hang out with you they never want to go anywhere with you be seen with you. They gaslight you into the relationship and then go behind your back.

Mads Lewis even shared that she thinks it might have been a publicity stunt from Nessa Barrett and her management team in order to get more views and fame. But ultimately she thinks they developed real feelings for each other. Lewis even had advice for Jaden Hossler and said that he shouldn’t utter the words ‘I love you’ to Nessa if he doesn’t actually mean them.

Moreover, Mads also said that she wished them both the best even though she doesn’t like the way they started a relationship and doesn’t personally like them anymore.

Nessa Barrett responded to Mads Lewis’s cheating accusation?

On her Instagram Stories, Nessa Barrett posted about how people should not believe everything they see online.

TikTok insiders Nessa

The Instagram Story was posted soon after Mads Lewis episode on Dixie D’Amelio’s show aired. And a few days before the episode, she posted a TikTok with her boyfriend Jaden Hossler.

And today, Nessa and Jaden released another song together called ‘I’m dead’ for their ‘Prom in Hell’ podcast. Nessa Barrett hasn’t directly talked about the situation but she’s adamant on saying that people don’t know the truth about what really happened behind the scenes.

Jaden Hossler aka jxdn did talk about the situation openly and shared that he and Nessa got together when they were both single.

Nobody cheated. This is why this is such a f*cked up situation.

And he added that he cares deeply about Josh Richards and even went to jail for him.

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