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Nessa Barrett's Pain is a blend of Billie Eilish & Madison Beer?

Nessa Barrett’s Pain is a blend of Billie Eilish & Madison Beer?

One of the rising TikTok stars as well as Josh Richards’s ex-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett, has released her debut song Pain. She has been teasing her fans with behind-the-scenes and images for quite some time. And just after an audio teaser, many people highlighted that Nessa’s singing style resembles Billie Eilish. When the official video & the song dropped, people also pointed out the similarities it had with Madison Beer’s Selfish. Is Nessa really a blend of Billie & Madison?

Nessa Barrett’s Pain is a ripoff?

Nessa Barrett has been facing many controversies since the day she started to gain fame. She had hurt the Muslim community by dancing on a few verses from their Holy book, Quran. Nessa apologized for it later and said she mistook the audio as a song. Some people also found out one of her old TikToks where she claimed she was a Muslim. Nessa deleted that TikTok from her profile, and later apologized again to her fans. She also said her stepmother is a Muslim, and she should know better.

Nessa Barrett also got involved in a complicated breakup story of Charli D’Amelio & Chase Hudson, who also goes by the name of Lil Huddy. After her breakup with Josh Richards, Lil Huddy kissed her and things got more complicated. Recently, Nessa Barrett has been hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Josh Richards and other Sway boys. They are still friends and also fully supporting each other with upcoming projects. Now, people are calling her out for copying Madison Beer’s Selfish video and Billie Eilish’s singing style.

Nessa Barrett has reacted to the backlash and she has confirmed her song is not a ripoff. It’s something that symbolizes her pain.

Many people use rain to symbolize their tears. As per Nessa, it is a coincidence that both Madison Beer’s Selfish and Nessa’s Pain have rain in the official video.

As far as her vocals like Billie Eilish are concerned, we think that’s the biggest compliment one could ever get. All the best to Nessa Barrett for her upcoming music releases.