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Nessa Barrett opens up about her mental health and bipolar disorder

Nessa Barrett is one of the rising talents that are showing her skills through TikTok and musical career. Many people know Nessa due to her association with the Sway Boys, specifically Josh Richards as both of them dated for a few months. She is also famous for her association with Chase Hudson and the Hype House. After the TikTok drama that took place a few weeks ago, Nessa Barrett took a break from the internet, specifically Twitter and TikTok. Many people keep throwing hate towards her. She has asked people politely to mind their words as the words can affect someone’s mental health. However, some people did not spare her. Considering the same, she recently opened up about her mental health, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Moreover, she also disclosed that she has bipolar disorder.

Nessa Barrett opens up about her mental health

When questioned about why she left TikTok for a while, Nessa confirmed the online hate messages were becoming too much for her. She had seen many videos and comments of people hating her constantly. That took a toll on her and she decided to take a break from the social media to focus on herself.

Nessa Barrett further added that she is still a teenager and still growing, and she makes mistakes as can be expected from teenagers. However, her followers and the people on the internet can be very harsh. Even her sincerest apologies are not accepted by them. If TikTok gets banned in the US, Nessa says she will not be worried about it. In fact, Nessa says the platform has become very toxic for the content creators. So, she really would not mind. However, she will be a little upset as she started her career from TikTok.

While talking about turning off the comments option on her Instagram, Nessa Barrett confirmed she did it for her mental health. The comments were starting to affect her normal life and she already face mental health issues for some while. However, the hatred on internet pushes her. Nessa Barrett told Entertainment Tonight that she is dealing with mental health issues since she was 6 years old. She has generalized personality disorder and bipolar as well.

She has been dealing with anxiety since she was 6. Nessa was misdiagnosed with depression  when she was 14. And she was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Let’s hope the internet and people online can understand the impact their words have.

Currently, she’s working on her music career with a single already out. We’ll keep you updated on what she does next. Stay tuned!