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Nessa Barrett situation: Jaden Hossler says he would never betray Josh Richards, “I went to jail for him”

The TikTok world is going crazy right now. Many fans stayed up till late hours to figure what was happening with their favorite TikTok celebrities, specifically Jaden Hossler, Nessa Barrett, Josh Richards and Mads Lewis. Once again, Nessa has been accused of cheating on Josh, her on-again, off-again boyfriend. However, this time, the accusations have hit hardest since the guy on the other side of the equation is Jaden, Josh’s best friend. On the other hand, Jaden’s ex-girlfriend Mads Lewis was already reaching everyone with the new-alleged “couple alert”.

La Di Die becomes Nessa Barrett’s most celebrated song, along with the reason of two breakups

This might seem like a good marketing strategy for their upcoming reality show. However, there are people who did not sign up for the reality show, and that fact makes this whole situation “real”. Nessa Barrett released her latest track La Di Die, featuring Jaden Hossler, in February 2021. Just two months back, the duo were celebrating the launch and success of their track La Di Die. Jaden was not just a singing partner for Nessa. He was also closest friend of Josh Richards, Nessa’s boyfriend.

While fans noticed Nessa and Jaden spending more time together for song promotions, they also noticed the lack of online support Josh Richards usually showed on social media. Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards took a break from their relationship last year for a few months. Both of them wanted to focus on their careers at that time. After launch of Nessa’s musical career and success of Josh’s business ventures, they officially announced that they are dating again.

Around the same time, Mads Lewis (Nessa’s friend) and Jaden Hossler also went through a rough break-up and patch-up situation. While La Di Die started hitting the hot lists, Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler drifted apart, again, just like Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett. Nessa and Jaden were invited to perform their song on Jimmy Kimmel Live as well as the Ellen show. Fans got so excited to see their favorite duo performing together as such huge platforms. However, their happiness was short-lived as Mads Lewis dropped a TikTok bomb, blaming Nessa Barrett for coming between Mads and Jaden.

Josh Richards and his initial stance

During last week’s BFF podcast episode with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards discussed the Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett situation. That podcast was recorded right after Mads Lewis post-and-delete tiktok went viral. In the episode, Josh confirmed that Nessa and him were taking a break as Nessa wanted to focus on her mental health. And Josh wanted to be there for her, hoping for a future together.

First thing, I’m just sad. And then the second thing that happened, these m*therf*ckers are about to breed a demon. Imma be heartless after this.

I love Nessa, I think she’s the most amazing girl in the world.

F*ck I could lose both these people. That’s what made me sad. F*cking kill me.

Richards, 2021.

He also said that Jaden Hossler contacted Josh after Mads Lewis’s tiktok, and said that she was “trippin..”. Josh Richards was totally on Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler’s side then. But a few days later, in another BFFs podcast episode, Josh confirmed that he still thought nothing happened between Nessa and Jaden. However, he further added that he would never date Nessa again.

Fans were surprised at his changed stance, and they started asking questions with the same theme: what happened in those 2-3 days?

Mads Lewis’s upcoming podcast & Paparazzi’s ill-titled video

Mads Lewis has joined Just A House after the previous drama (following her tiktok). She is also appearing in different podcasts to talk about her life. In Dropouts podcast, she called Jaden Hossler her closest friend. That episode was recorded recently so that means it was all good between her and Jaden. She also posted a teaser for “Call Her Daddy” podcast, but no one was expecting the teaser to be this “deadly”.

Call Her Daddy podcast released the teaser clip 15 hours back, and these 15 hours have changed the entire perspective of current situation.

Within the next hour, paparazzi released a video of Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett dining out together. The paparazzi used titles like “first official date”, “kiss” etc and that was enough to stir a drama. There was no kiss involved, however, Jaden and Nessa did seem happy. Paparazzi also asked questions and forced answers from them. At the end of the video, Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler shared a ride together, and Jaden seemed to be holding her hand.

The titles used by the media were misleading in the “clickbait” way, but those videos got the reaction and everyone started to speak up.

Reaction from “Sway House” team

Right after the paparazzi video went viral along with Mads Lewis upcoming podcast teaser, Griffin Johnson was the first to choose his side and he chose Josh Richards.

Josh Richards Griffin

Michael Gruen also joined the “social media” battlefield and started shading Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler directly. They unfollowed Jaden and Nessa, and commented on social media posts about them. Following them, Larray also unfollowed the La Die Die singers.

Michael Gruen

Jaden Hossler’s Livestream

Jaden Hossler went on Instagram Live to discuss everything that was happening. He confirmed that Josh Richards had blocked him from all the channels and he was unable to contact Josh. He also addressed the voice recordings Mads Lewis was referring to, confirming those were between him and his manager. Jaden confessed that he was not a good boyfriend and that’s why things could not work out between them. He preferred to deal with the things privately. However, Jaden could not bear people judging his character.

He also claimed that Mads Lewis went inside and used his iPad without his permission. And Jaden’s issue with Mads is that she does not tell the whole situation in her statements.

she leaves it out.

Jaden Hossler wanted to be there for Mads Lewis even after the breakup. He did not want anybody hurt. He also did not anyone coming for him. Dave Portnoy, BFFs co-host and Josh Richards’s friend, was also calling Jaden out on social media. And Jaden confirmed that he never wanted it to happen.

I literally went to jail for Josh. He wouldn’t be put in a worst situation. And I have not been able to talk about that for literally a year, almost. And everyone coming after me “you are at dude, you are that backstabber”. I actually went to jail. I got detained, I was in jail for 15 hours. That’s how much I loved him.


Jaden Hossler also confirmed that everything was not making sense to him since he was on good terms with Josh Richards until recently. And now he is unable to contact him. He also used Instagram Live to apologize to Josh Richards, since he is blocked from everywhere. Jaden said that he was the one who hurt people while trying to do the right things.

“no body cheated”

Jaden Hossler also confirmed in his live-stream that nobody cheated on anybody. He said that from Nessa Barrett’s side as well since she is going through the same thing.

Nobody cheated. This is why this is such a f*cked up situation.


Jaden also called out people who were finding this situation similar to any “reality tv show” or “entertaining”. He had lost many people close to him after this whole scandal went viral and he was hurting. At the end, he left a message for Josh Richards to call him.

On the other hand, Nessa Barrett posted this:

Josh Richards also tweeted this a few hours later, confirming that he will handle things offline.

While Michael Gruen confirmed that Josh Richards was doing okay, he also made some serious allegations against Nessa Barrett. Nessa and Michael never had a “friendly” relationship.

The situation does not seem to be “offline” at the moment since Michael Gruen is still tweeting about it. Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler might have been celebrating their Ellen show performance. However, the truth will come out soon.

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