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Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler aka jxdn release another song ‘I’m dead’ for their Prom in Hell podcast

After their ‘la di die’ song release, Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler are here to give fans another music collaboration! Their song ‘I’m dead’ recently premiered on all music streaming platforms. The song was for their ‘Prom in Hell’ podcast.

‘I’m dead’ is just as impressive as ‘la di die’

The song tugs at the heartstrings of anyone struggling with mental health and life in general. Jaden and Nessa once again prove how their voices so effortlessly complement each other. With Nessa’s soft vocals and Jaden’s signature rock style, ‘I’m dead’ becomes a catchy tune you can’t help but gravitate towards.

It’s a song you can listen to when you’re feeling low or when you’re going for a long drive. It’s the kind of song that can let you escape to any world you want no matter where you are.

That’s the storytelling power the lyrics contains:

They tell me they’re sorry, but
I think that they’re lying

Nessa Barrett adds authenticity to her song once again as she speaks to the vulnerable soul in us:

My scars think they own me
I’ve been feeling real lonely
I think I’ve must have a problem
I don’t know how I can solve ’em
It’s up and down and then I turn around
Because my life’s a mess and I need to rest, so
Don’t let me go, I’ve been hurt and I’m so

The ending chorus offers a hopeful message as both Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler take turns to sing:

This time I’ll be okay, this time you won’t know me
I’m gon’ rise up and I’ll be the best

What’s ‘Prom in Hell’ all about?

All in all, it’s the perfect song for a fictional podcast called ‘Prom in hell’. The podcast is a project featuring Nessa, Jaden and others like Q and 44Phantom who are playing students a high school called Herman Enoch Louis Lynn High. But things soon take a turn:

When they stumble into a portal to hell and make a deal with the Devil to throw the party of the century, they finally have the opportunity to redeem themselves. …But they unleash a paranormal mess in the process. Will this wayward group of friends step up to save their town, and vanquish their own personal demons

It’s certainly an interesting story that will keep you hooked. ‘I’m dead’ is a part of the official soundtrack for ‘Prom in Hell’.

The project is headed by Audio Up Media.