Nessa Barrett haunts her ex-boyfriend in new track IHYMUYD

A few months back, there was a huge relationship drama in the TikTok community when Mads Lewis posted a tiktok to “expose” Nessa Barrett. Mads had been throwing shade at her since then, mostly for stealing “her” then-boyfriend Jaden Hossler. On the other hand, Josh Richards stated that Nessa was taking a break from their relationship for her mental health. But ended up dating Jaden instead of getting back with Josh. Nessa never told her side of the story in detail. Is the new track giving all the hints on her relationship with Josh and why she broke up?

I Hope You’re Miserable Until You’re dead- by Nessa Barrett

As soon as the song was released last night, IHYMUYD started trending on Twitter. Nessa Barrett is even making her haters love her right now with her awesome music. The song I Hope You’re Miserable Until You’re Dead is released on her birthday today i.e. August 6, 2021. However, she celebrated her song release and birthday along with the surprise announcement of her EP dropping next month.

While the song release party did not seem as huge as Dixie D’Amelio’s Psycho MV release party, it was still a banger. The song and the music video drop hints of her troubling relationship with her ex-boyfriend Josh Richards. Even though she did not explicitly called him out by name, many believe the lyrics are telling the whole story.

I still hear your voice, tryna rip my world to pieces
But I’m not your toy, you can break and leave there bleeding
The damage is done, moving on if I’m ready or not
But you drag me through mud, here I come now, I’m petty as f*ck

In her previously released song, Counting Crimes, Nessa shaded her ex-boyfriend by stating that her sins/crime are still less than him. In the new music video, Nessa Barrett is a ghost-girl haunting her ex-boyfriend for the things he did to her when she was “alive”.

nessa barrett Nessa
Nessa Barrett/YouTube

Cheating allegations?

In the music video, we see hints of Nessa’s ex-boyfriend sending text messages to “Claire” and asking her to visit him. That scene can be taken in more than one way. However, it seems that her boyfriend was not loyal to her while dating her. That’s not all. The lyrics prove that his choice of wording always hurt her during their relationship. And that’s what made her curse him for never falling in love again.

I hope you never fall in love again
I hope you be yourself and lose your friends

While Mads Lewis has moved on with her life with new boyfriend, Josh Richards is apparently still single.

I hope they call you out for sh*t you said
I hope you’re miserable until you’re dead

Nessa Barrett has previously confirmed that she wrote most of her songs on the roof of Sway House during her relationship with Josh Richards. She said she would used to sit there and cry a lot. And those emotions would lead her to write songs.

Been keeping your sh*t to myself
If I said it out loud, you’d be burning in Hell
And I can make everybody hate you, almost as much as you hate yourself
But I won’t ’cause (I won’t)
I know (I know), one day it’ll come around
But f*ck you for now

The music video of I Hope You’re Miserable Until You’re Dead (IHYMUYD) gives The Ring movie vibes because of static TV scenes.

Nessa Barrett announces EP release and hints next song release

Before the music video release of IHYMUYD, Nessa confirmed that her EP, Pretty Poison, is dropping on September 10, 2021. The announcement comes as a birthday gift from her to her fans. Her EP is available for pre-save with complete list of tracks. Nessa further confirmed that when the EP gets released, please listen to the songs in the order mentioned. She says that it’s like an audiobook where every song is related to the next song.

However, the EP is not “boring” as Nessa says most of the audiobooks are. Meanwhile, some people might have missed the Easter-egg present at the beginning of the music video. She has hinted the release of her next song, Keep Me Afraid, that might be dropping soon.

nessa barrett keep me afraid Nessa
Nessa Barrett/YouTube

The same video also shows an Easter-egg for her upcoming EP and title track, Pretty Poison.

pretty poison Nessa
Nessa Barrett/YouTube

Have you seen the music video yet? Don’t miss out!

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