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Nessa Barrett fans support her & start #herefornessa trend as TikToker shares she’s “fighting to stay alive”

The very famous TikTok star Nessa Barrett recently shared with her fans that she had been going through a difficult time because of her mental health. Nessa got candid in her new post that she posted on Instagram. She told the fans that she had been going though some difficult times and said:

I’m just fighting to stay alive at this point. You are not alone. I promise.

In an interview, in 2020 Nessa Barrett opened up about her bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder as well. The 18-year-old TikTok star told the fans that she has been going to therapy since she was six. She also added that she was misdiagnosed with depression when she was 14. Nessa Barrett later discovered it was actually bipolar disorder. She also opened up about online bullying and how she has been dealing with all that given that she has bipolar disorder.

She shared:

I realized that reading those comments just wasn’t healthy for my mental health

Nessa also added that she deleted all the social media apps and would only re-download the apps when she had to post something.

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Fans showed support to Nessa Barrett after she made a mental health post

Recently, Nessa Barret opened up about how she has been fighting with her disorder. For Bipolar Personality Disorder Awareness Month, she wrote a heartfelt Instagram caption:

its bpd awareness month. and right now it seems like i’m just fighting to stay alive at this point. your not alone. i promise.

if your in need of help or someone to talk to u can always call:

888-581-8221 (mental health helpline)

if u feel like giving up please call:

800-273-8255 (national suicide prevention lifeline)

keep fighting with me🤍🤍

She asked the fans to keep fighting with her through these troubled times and offered hope to them too by sharing that they were not alone in their mental health battles. Nessa also added the number of Mental Health helpline and National Suicide Prevention helpline as well.

Fans have been giving immense support to Nessa after her Mental Health Awareness post. Fans flooded Nessa’s comment section and Twitter with #herefornessa which has been trending on social media. Some fans said that they will have her back through it all.

With all the support Nessa is getting from her fans, it makes you believe that there are good things in the world after all.

We hope that Nessa keeps fighting this battle and her fans keep supporting her like this.