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Myka Stauffer Case Gets Angry Reactions from Twitter

Myka Stauffer Case Gets Angry Reactions from Twitter

After Myka Stauffer revealed that she rehomed her adopted autistic son, people have expressed their anger and disgust on Twitter.

After a parenting YouTuber posted a video about rehoming her adopted autistic son, it got attention. Since then, people cannot stop talking about Myka Stauffer and new details have come out. Now the Twitter is reacting to the incident.

Despite having their biological children, Myka Stauffer and her husband decided to adopt a boy from China.

While she mostly talked about parenting, lifestyle tips and home cleaning tricks, it was her adoption journey which got her real attention. After several videos of the entire process of adopting from China, Myka Stauffer started gaining popularity. Finally, she and her family revealed Huxley, an autistic boy and welcomed to their family. She made many sponsored videos and posts featuring Huxley and made a lot of money. Few months back, people started noticing that he was not appearing in Stauffer’s videos and pictures. Finally, Myka Stauffer and her husband announced that they had to rehome Huxley as he needed extra help which they could not provide. After this news, people bashed them for this decision and new details came out. Their neighbors suggested that their behavior with Huxley was not nice and the adoption was just for the blog.

Since Myka Stauffer’s case came out, Twitter have reacted strongly against it.

After Myka Stauffer incident became public, she received major backlash from Twitter. According to one user, she is a predator:

She is a predator to foster kids. She is disgusting. Talking about how she really wants to adopt kids years back and now it’s like the kid doesn’t exist anymore. Literally. Disgusting woman.

Another Twitter user pointed out that James and Myka Stauffer removed content featuring Huxley.

Meanwhile, another wrote:

The thing that disgusts me was they pretended like nothing was happening, ignored everyone and as of now deleting every trace of him? The doctors literally warned them not to adopt but they still did a.k.a. IT’S THEIR OWN FAULT!

Generally, people think that she is a vile person.

They demanded to ‘cancel’ the YouTuber.

Many have started a petition against Myka Stauffer.

While people are reacting angrily over this incident, there are groups on social media where this happens regularly. It is time to take action against such practices.