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Mr Kate’s latest project – Designs Vlog Squad

Imagine having a little baby while your job is literally to go around places to redesign and remake people’s homes. Mr. Kate sure does carry around a lot with her designing projects and her little boy, Moon. However, she does have help from her ever so loving life and business partner, Joey Zehr. Maybe, that is how she is able to able to cope with the pressure too, her family by her side. Kate Albrecht somehow still finds time to vacation in Hawaii with her family. In her latest video, Kate reveals her latest project – The Vlog Squad. She’s designing for Jason Nash and his kids, Charley and Wyatt. Not only them, but she’s also renovating for David Dobrik’s personal squad members, Carly and Erin.

Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate on Designing the Vlog Squad

So, while vacationing in Hawaii, Mr. Kate is still not taking an off from work as she posts her latest project. The Vlog Squad is David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Josh Peck, Scotty Sire, Zane Hijazi, Jeff Wittek, Toddy Smith, Alex Ernst, BigNik, Corinna Kopf, Heath Husser, Natalie Noel, Carly Incronto, Erin Golfoy, and others.

So, the couple, along with their little boy, first go knock at Jason Nash’s door. Jason wants them to decorate his kid’s rooms. Wyatt, who is 14, lives in a very small garage-like cramped up room that Jason wants changed to have more space. Charley, 11, is a little more precise about what she wants. Jason tells Mr. Kate how Charley Nash wants a pink room with twinkle lights and lavender colored items.

Next, they head on to see what Carly and Erin want done. When disclosed that the two best friends want their rooms done, Mr. Kate comes up with a fun idea. She’s planning to have Carly do Erin’s room and Erin do Carly’s room. This ought to be fun to see develop.

Update on the Jeffree Star ‘spa-niverse’

Mr. Kate also added an update on her renovations in Jeffree Star’s dream house. Apparently, the reveal video is scheduled to come out sometime this week! That being, the first week of March. So, subscribe to Mr. Kate so you do not miss out on the outcomes of these two amazing projects.