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More women come forward with sexual assault allegations against Durte Dom

More women come forward with sexual assault allegations against Durte Dom

The Durte Dom sexual assault case is making the rounds on the internet this week. A woman who appeared as an extra in David Dobrik’s vlog squad videos came out with her story to Insider. She alleges that Durte Dom (Dom Zeglaitis) took advantage of her while she was intoxicated. After the story came out, more women have come forward with their stories of the sexual assault they encountered with Durte Dom.

Influencer Aubryan Rae Izabal shares she and her friend were sexually assaulted by Durte Dom

She shares that she and her friend were approached by the vlog squad members and asked to appear in the videos. Aubryan and her friend (who were 19 at the time) were fans of the vlog squad so they excitedly agreed.

David Dobrik also told them that in order to appear in the famous vlog squad videos, they both had to kiss Durte Dom for the video. Since it was a Christmas vlog, they didn’t think too much about it. Aubryan shared the clip of them kissing Durte Dom in her TikTok. Then after sharing the clip she says they later realized it was sexual assault:

And now that I’m thinking about it, it was so f*cking bad. Like we just realized that how many girls they have done this to. We were literally sexually assaulted.

Whilst hanging out with them, they ended up drinking. It must be noted that she and her friend were not of legal drinking age. So, they were given alcohol by the rest of the squad and Aubryan says they also received weed. Moreover, while they were under the influence, the squad was pressuring them into having a threesome with Durte Dom. She also alleges that Dobrik was ‘provoking the situation’ even though he was ‘nice at first’.

Aubryan shared in her TikTok that she initially agreed because she was so drunk. However, she instantly became uncomfortable and then opted out of the situation.

Aubryan says her issue is with Dom, not Dobrik

When a person commented ‘You def wanted it’ on her TikToks detailing the sexual assault, she responded by saying:

“The issue at hand is that we idolized these people. We thought it was so f*cking cool and of course when David was like, ‘Do you want to be in the vlog?’ We were like, ‘F*ck yeah, that’s awesome.’ – We watched these every day. And we were drunk so when he said the kiss, we were like ‘Okay, like it’s just a kiss. That’s fine.’ It was the events after that, that took place, that is the most f*cked up.”

She further said that their issue wasn’t with David Dobrik (even though he provoked the situation). Aubryan shared that their issue was with Dom who sexually assaulted them.

The horrific details of the rape allegation against Durte Dom

In the Insider article talking about the sexual assault case, the woman (who is anonymously identified in the article as Hannah), shares the details. She says she was too drunk so she could not give her consent to have sexual intercourse with Dom. Moreover, she and her friends were just 20 at the time and were supplied alcohol by adult members of the squad. Hannah’s friend saw Jeff Wittek and Todd Smith with the alcohol. An incident that Trisha Paytas also confirms. Although Jeff Wittek denied involvement in the incident.

Before that, she says she was lured into a pitch-black bedroom by Dom who pressured her into kissing him. Hannah alleged that she was scared of being alone with Dom and wanted to go be with the rest of her friends who were at the other part of the house. However, Dom blocked the door with his body and kept asking why she would not go on a date with him and why she would not hook up with him.

She kept saying she wasn’t interested and then Dom asked he’d let her go if she gave him ‘at least gave him a kiss’. Desperately wanting to be with her friends, a scared Hannah reluctantly kissed him.

Afterward, she was more intoxicated than before when she went into Dom’s bedroom with her other friend. The other girl who participated in the threesome claims that at one point Hannah was unconscious. The girl was so afraid that Dom would still continue his sexual activity with Hannah that she ‘finished him off’  to get him to leave Hannah alone.

Right after they were done, Hannah’s friends clothed her and took her out of the apartment because she couldn’t even stand up. Hannah shares that she kept vomiting and blacked out during the time the non-consensual threesome happened. The next day, she realized that she had been raped. The event traumatized her and had lasting psychological damage to her.

What traumatized her more was that the vlog was uploaded onto David Dobrik’s main channel and the non-consensual threesome was presented as consenual. The video got 5 million views before it was taken down as per Hannah’s request. Hannah had told Durte Dom about their encounter and how he had raped her but Dom didn’t acknowledge that he did anything wrong. He just informed her that the video was taken down.

Taylor Nicole Dean adds credit to the woman’s rape allegation against Durte Dom

In a series of tweets, youTuber Taylor Nicole Dean adds credit to the story of the woman who is alleging she was raped by Durte Dom.

She tweeted out in support of the rape victim and added credit to her story. Taylor Nicole Dean shared how when she encountered Dom, he was aggressive towards her the same way he was aggressive towards the victim. In particular, he did the same act of blocking the exit with his body.

To add credit to the sexual assault survivor describing that durte dom blocked the exit with his body: At a party a few yrs ago, I noticed my friend was also entering. Dom was between us, & I asked to get around when he made a wall with his body, saying I couldn’t move (1/?)
(2/?) unless I showed him my chest (his words: my He proceeded to objectify me until I got inside, where he went on to end the night recieving assault allegations coming from a minor at the party (unsure how those panned out). got chills when I heard her mention-
(3/4) the body blocking thing. even though my experience was miniscule, I thought it could at least further credit the actions in the story since he was willing to act that way in a crowd of hundreds. The aggressiveness in his eyes was creepy as f*ck-
Taylor Nicole Dean Allegation Against Durte Dom

In 2017, Elijah Daniel shared that his friends were harassed by Durte Dom

Durte Dom being aggressive towards women and assaulting them sexually isn’t something new. It has been going for a while now.

In 2017, Elijah Daniel shared that many of his friends had their own unique stories of sexual assault and harassment by Durte Dom.

Elijah Daniel Against Durte Dom

Elijah Daniel shared two screenshots of text conversations with his friends where they are detailing their sexual assault stories about Durte Dom. He called him out for his problematic behavior and sexual misconduct.

And another video resurfaced where Dom is inappropriately touching Corinna Kopf against her consent

In one TikTok video, there is a compilation of Durte Dom and Zane Hijazi inappropriately touching female members of the vlog squad.

Corinna is seen visibly angry and frustrated and shouts at Dom,

“Stop touching my f*cking v*gina, Dom”.

The video also highlights how all of this was happening on camera and laughed off as a joke with no one realizing that sexual misconduct was taking place.

Neither Corinna Kopf nor Natalie Noel or Gabbie Hannah have spoken out against these allegations against Durte Dom.

Dom Zeglaitis has not made any public statements about the allegations surrounding him. David Dobrik did address the rape allegation and shared that he doesn’t condone what Dom did and that’s why he stopped associating with him. He further stated that he ensures that everything in his vlogs is done with the participants’ consent.

Let’s see what happens next and if the victims get the justice they deserve.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or visit their website to receive confidential support.

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