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Is the Money Heist Gang actually smart or just lucky?

Is the Money Heist Gang actually smart or just lucky?

Money Heist has taken over the world by storm. We must ask ourselves the question, is the gang of Heisters really smart or they just get lucky at the most crucial of moments. Let’s take a look at each heister.

1) Sergio Marquina

The Professor from Money Heist himself is the mastermind behind the Heists. He is a calm and calculated person who comes up with the most brilliant plans. I think we’ve already established that he is a genius. But, there are moments when he becomes a little irrational. For example, the time he falls for Inspector Raquel Murillo. He is lucky that she falls for him enough not to sell him out. She is the reason the first heist is so successful.

2) Tokyo

Tokyo is a hot-headed woman. She does first and thinks later. I for a bit do believe she is somewhat related to every screw up on Money Heist. Being with Rio the first day the Professor said no personal relationships. Not smart. Attacking Berlin and not believing that the Professor would come through for them. So stupid. Saying things to Nairobi that Tokyo knows she is sensitive about. Again, stupid. Her very daring entry back into the Royal Mint. It ending up killing Moscow. Stupid. Leaving Rio on the Island. Again, Stupid as ever. Drinking herself numb when Rio breaks up with her during the heist. Well… Do we even have to say it? Through all of this, her luck is just that The Professor always comes through for her.

3) Berlin

Berlin was a leader. He may have been a bit too impulsive but, he was a good leader. The man was smart enough to know when to eliminate the problems. He sacrificed his life to save others. Money Heist’s season 2, ended with us loving the hard and impulsive Berlin. He also planned out the entire Bank of Spain Heist alongside Palermo (Rodrigo De la Serna). Berlin knew the threats. He was smart enough to know they could never get away from the heist without bloody hands. His prediction about Gandia (José Manuel Poga) was also true. So, Berlin was definitely a smart one.

4) Denver

Jamie Lorente’s character is a goof. He has his temper issues but, comes with a good heart. Denver is the son of Moscow. He takes care of Monica Gaztambide and her son. His laugh, though cringey, may just be the life of Money Heist. Denver is a rather chatty lad but he knows the right moments to step up or back off. I’d say he’s one of the rather smart ones.

5) Nairobi

We still cannot get over the fact that she is dead. But the woman has made some mistakes on her own. Nairobi is inspiring. She led the hostages into making €984 million in just 11 days. However, if she had stopped the machines when Berlin asked her to, he would have still been alive. She was smart enough to decide against kidnapping her son, Alex. In the season 3 cliffhanger, she is shot just for a glimpse of her son. It is heartbreaking. Although she survives that, Gandia shoots her right in the head in season 4. Nairobi held the gang together. Her talks on Money Heist got the gang through the worst of times. She hangs in the balance somewhere between smart and lucky.

6) Rio

Left to be tortured after the stupid decision by Tokyo, Rio is definitely not smart as he is bad at making decisions on his own. I would say the young boy is lucky in all of Money Heist.