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Momo and Heechul Dating Scandal Has Got the Internet Talking

These past two days have been wild for kpop. First the Jihyo and Daniel dating news, and then Momo and Heechul. Though Momo and Heechul’s story is quite different.

Everything You Need To Know

So, reportedly Momo and Heechul had been dating for the last two years. JYP which is the label Momo is signed under was quick to deny this rumor but in a couple of minutes and released the statement that they were looking into it. This is when the fans lost it. As is with kpop fans and dating, you either get acceptance or rejections. This supposed couple got the latter. The fans had reasons though because Heechul is 14 years older than Momo and if them dating for 2 years was true, that means Momo was 19 at the start of the relationship.

However, much to fans relief, the respective companies of both Momo and Heechul released statements denying the rumor and said that they’re both only friends. Well whew.

The Memes Are a Must

Even though the fans were not as accepting of this relationship, the memes were still the best part and you’ll see why.

Some of the fans were in support tho.

But some just couldn’t believe it.

Okay but the ship name.

We saved the best for the last.

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