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Millie Bobby Brown wants Hunter Echo to stop spreading dishonest grooming claims

Millie Bobby Brown wants Hunter Echo to stop spreading dishonest grooming claims

Millie Bobby Brown responds to claims of grooming by TikToker Hunter Echo, claiming he shouldn't spread dishonest grooming claims.

After the recent controversy, Millie Bobby Brown is finally taking action against Hunter “Echo” Ecimovic, the TikToker who alleged that he groomed an underage Brown when she was just 16 years old. Moreover, Echo revealed a lot of details on Instagram, which sparked immense backlash. Now, Brown has broken her silence and is taking action against the TikToker.

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Millie Bobby Brown wants Hunter Echo to stop spreading dishonest grooming claims
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The social media influencer claimed that Brown “initiated” a relationship with him back when she was 16. Moreover, he also had the blessings from her parents and lived with her for more than 8 months. After these claims, Hunter faced immense backlash on Twitter as well as Instagram, as fans lined up in the comments to call him out for grooming a minor. A fan asked during the live session:

Imagine being a grown adult and dating a kid. A groomer

To that, Echo responded:

I know, I groomed her.

Other than that, Echo made a lot of egregious comments about Brown, saying “she knew how to suck d**k” while also adding that he “ate her a**” too. Later on, in the same session, Echo doubled down on his claims, defending his actions saying:

I am not digging the grave because everything I did was legal and it was approved by everybody that I was with. You guys don’t know anything, you guys are just following after one person like saying one thing, you guys just follow each other like a big duck and their baby ducks. You guys don’t know anything and I am not going to apologize.

Millie Bobby Brown threatens legal action to Hunter Echo

Now, Millie Bobby Brown has promptly responded to the claims, with her representative telling TMZ:

Mr. Ecimovic’s remarks on social media are not only dishonest but also are irresponsible, offensive and hateful. Instead of engaging in a public discourse with him through the press or on social media, we are taking action to ensure that he stops this behavior once and for all.

Apart from this fiasco, some of Brown’s co-stars on Stranger Things have also raised concern over so much success and fame at such a young age. One of them is David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper on the show. He said that he hopes she gets the protection she needs and that:

I think she’s in the crosshairs of something extremely dangerous that no one seems to really be paying attention to.

Since this fiasco, Hunter Echo has deactivated all his social media accounts. He has over 1.6 million followers on his TikTok account.

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