Is Millie Bobby Brown A Brat For Mistreating Her Fans?

Is Millie Bobby Brown A Brat For Mistreating Her Fans?

Reports are emerging that Stranger Things’ Eleven actor, Millie Bobby Brown is a brat for mistreating her fans. However, is this really the truth? The story comes from the fame that Brown has received after her success in Netflix Original series. A tabloid claims that the hit series has inflated Brown’s ego and even stated that the fame has gone to her head. They back their claim by adding a source who told them that during promotional runs for season 3 of the show, she was “cool, aloof and downright rude.” In fact, her response to her fans made her publicists give her a little lesson on how to deal with media and fans.

Millie Bobby Brown The Brat?

Here is what this tabloid continues to write:

“When the cameras were rolling, she was all smiles and laughing and animated, but when they stopped, she was moody as hell and not interested in speaking to anyone at all. Her minders were mortified at her bad manners and told her this was no way to start her career.”

Next, they took a half quote by Millie Bobby Brown’s co-star David Harbour that he was tired of her “well-filled smoke ass.” And so, this made the investigative tabloid, Gossip Cop, to get to the bottom of this rumor: Is Millie Bobby Brown becoming a brat?

They used this video to form their opinion on this matter. In the video, the Stranger Things star is taking selfies with fans and signs a few autographs as well. She appears in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where she smiles for the cameras as well, but apart from that, she doesn’t talk much.

While we can clearly see that she seems to be in a mood, but it certainly does not look to be in a bad way. Promotional tours are exhaustive, even for veteran stars. It would, rather, be a surprise if Brown was in a splendid mood for the whole time.

As for the part about David Harbour, the tabloid failed to address the complete quote by the co-star. Here it is:

“There’s a piece of me that’s very protective of her and feels that we should all let her be brave and brilliant and turn our eyes away and not give her so much attention.”

In the end, this seems to be a game of words and evidence.

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