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Mike Majlak Reacts to Lana Rhoades Pregnancy announcement | Is he not the father?

Things turned ugly between Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak after the pros/cons list

“There was a whole paragraph about him being upset about me not wanting to do 3-w*y”.

Def Noodles also shared screenshots of the whole conversation thread between Lana and Mike.

Long story short, Mike called Lana overly possessive and needy. And as per Lana, she was never given the attention which she truly deserves. Mike was always found cheating on her. Also, the one thing which is really upsetting is that nobody cares about the pros/cons of a relationship if they actually are committed to one another. The only thing that should matter, is loving each other no matter what. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for Mike. He also shared in the pros/cons list that he feels like Lana is good for his business and networking. Uhh, well, we really don’t know what to say.

Trisha Paytas also called out Mike for sending Lana a pros/cons list and cheating on her. To which Mike responded with this:

If you read the tweet, Mike says that he sent the pros/cons list to Lana in order to make amends in their relationship. In simpler words, they were working on getting back together.

Lana Rhoades just confirmed her pregnancy news with an ultrasound scan

So a couple of hours ago Lana posted the ultrasound scan report on her Instagram and captioned it as “This is the announcement”.

Lana Rhoades Ultrasound Scan 1 Mike Majlak,Lana Rhoades
Lana -Instagram Status

And then right after a couple of minutes, Mike indirectly posted his response to Lana’s pregnancy announcement on his social media.

“does anyone have a contact at the maury show? no big deal. THIS YEAR JUST WON’T STOP”.

Mike Majlak wants to go on Maury Show Mike Majlak,Lana Rhoades
Mike Majlak-Instagram Status

Now you guys must be thinking why Mike is asking people if they have any contact with someone who is working for the Maury Show. Oh well, Maury is a talk show with more than 22 seasons. And it is hosted by television journalist Maury Povic. The show Maury is famous for giving a chance to its audience/guests to take DNA tests. So that they can prove if they’re the actual father of the kid or not.

So, Mike’s response to this whole situation is even more confusing. And we can only guess from his tweet that there are still 50-50 chances of him being the father.

Anyways, we really hope that Mike can man up for once and solve all of these matters in private rather than talking about them on the internet.

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