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Mike Majlak & Logan Paul’s crew react to David Dobrik’s ‘Apology’

Mike Majlak and the rest of Logan Paul’s crew reacted to David Dobrik’s apology video. Now some of you might not know that David Dobrik and his vlog squad gave a lot of crap to Logan Paul for filming the Japan video. And they even accused Logan’s videographer of filming the whole content. Logan, on the other hand, took full responsibility for his hurtful actions.

David Dobrik and his vlog squad team members have been talking about Logan and the Japan incident for a very long time. Even some of David’s fans said a lot of bad stuff about Logan when he gifted a jeep to his assistant.

Though what Logan did in Japan is completely disrespectful. But he made an apology video and felt extremely ashamed about his wrong actions. David Dobrik, on the other hand, posted an apology video for his actions which doesn’t seem very apologetic.

What’s happening with David Dobrik and the vlog squad?

Well, some of the ex-team members of the vlog squad have come forward and talked about allegations of misconduct against David Dobrik. Seth Francois, an ex-vlog member just claimed that he was se*ually assaulted in one of the videos. Seth further claimed that the constant racial remarks and bullying by the squad members caused him extreme distress and trauma.

A woman (outside the vlog squad) also came forward and shared that ‘Durte Dom’ (former vlog squad member) raped her. And another ex-squad member BigNik also shared that he was continuously bullied for his height by the rest of the squad members.

What did Mike Majlak have to say about Dobrik’s apology?

So David Dobrik just shared an apology video of two and a half minutes on his Youtube channel. And to be honest, every single person on the internet can’t figure out what David’s apology video is all about. David not even once took accountability for his actions. Oh, and he also turned off the comments sections because deep down he knew that his apology video is too vague.

Mike Majlak, like the majority of the internet, was not happy with David Dobrik’s apology video.

“2:32, how much apologizing you get done that quickly? It’s a short apology. He (David Dobrik) is like here is the deal MFs, I am sorry. Now leave me alone. And then he ends it.”

Throughout the reaction video, Mike kept on repeating himself that he is not familiar with the situation and doesn’t want to speak on the subject. And a lot of people found Mike’s reaction to David’s apology video very vague. Because he clearly didn’t have any sort of personal issues with David.

Oh and some of you might not know that Mike won two of David Dobrik’s Teslas in “Wheel Of Dispo”. Perhaps that is why he didn’t outright speak on the issue and crime that occurred.

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