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Mike Jibson Joins A Discovery Of Witches Season 2

It’s definitely a fringe benefit for fantasy addicts that Olivier Award winner, Mike Jibson, is joining A Discovery of Witches Season 2 as Emperor Rudolf II. The Hamilton fame  Micheal Jibson has just completed his filming for the second season of this adapted series. A Discovery Of Witches Season 2 is all set to hit the screens in 2020.

Mike Jibson And Others Join ‘A Discovery of Witches Season 2′

The Sky One original presentation, A Discovery Of Witches, in fact, is adapted from Deborah Harkness’s bestselling trilogy All Souls. Sky One premiered the first season on 14 September 2018 with eight episodes. Right before the airing of the final episode of season 1, the Discovery of Witches team announced the approval of the second and third respective seasons of the show.

Along with those fictional daemons like witches and vampires, the second season will also showcase prominent human existence. Watch Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) and Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) wandering on the streets of Elizabethan London, ambushing from the historic Congregation. The season 2 will also see Steven Cree, Sheila Hancock  James Purefoy, Paul Rhys, Barbara Marten, Jacob Ifan, Holly Aird, Michael Lindall, Adam Sklar, Joshua Pickering, Tom Hughes, and the new member: Mike Jibson.

Mike Jibson, hence, joined the show recently and has shared his cheering views  on his Twitter account

The Casting

The fresh season has also cast Emily Mather (Valarie Pettiford), Sarah Bishop (Alex Kingston), Nathaniel Wilson (Daniel Ezra), and Sophie Norman (Aisling Loftus).

Moreover, Steven Cree, the popular  Ian Murray on Outlander, will portray Gallowglass, the Norse-Gaelic vampire nephew. British born James Purefoy from Rome is appearing as Phillipe De Clermont( Matthew’s stepfather, founder of the Congregation, commander of the Knights of Lazarus).

Mike Jibson As Emperor  Rudolf II

Mike Jibson, however, will play emperor Rudolf II, 1552–1612. A Holy Roman emperor ruling Bohemia and Hungary. As a matter of fact, the emperor is known as an antagonist of his father’s tolerant policy toward Protestantism. This learned emperor, however, failed to rule because he became a victim of melancholy and absurdity.

A Discovery Of Witches Season 2  Is All-Welcomed

The story of season 2 will revolve around Diana and Matthew who are on a mission to locate a witch to tutor Diana. unfortunately, they have to face dark challenges during this expedition

It’s not only Mike Jibson who is excited about his role in A Discovery of Witches season 2, but, the lead actors are similarly happy to join the second season.

A Discovery of Witches season 2 team announced their excitement for the upcoming fantasy season. They posted  a promotional photograph where Matthew is walking along with Diana -holding her hand,

“We’ve finally arrived at Elizabethan London… Who’s excited for season 2?”

There is yet no announcement regarding the exact release date of A Discovery of Witches season 2. Fans, however, can expect the airing of the show anywhere in 2020.