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Michael Fishman Weighs In On The Conners Season 2 Semi-Finale Scene

Michael Fishman Weighs In On The Conners Season 2 Semi-Finale Scene

After a series of romantic setbacks, The Conners Season 2 finally had all love-birds together in its semi-finale. Dan (John Goodman) and Lousie (Katey Sagal) overcame their commitment issues, finally taking their relationship to the next level after a 2-season long struggle. But the ‘next-level’ certainly wasn’t easy. With two people way past their prime, the characters struggled to recreate a youthful experience, before finally giving into ‘they have earned their right to age’. The particular scene which features Dan romancing another woman for the first time since the death of his wife Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) pulled in mixed reactions from fans. But actor Michael Fishman, who plays Goodman’s onscreen son DJ on the show has come out in defense of his reel father.

Michael Fishman Defends The Conners Season 2 Scene

Dan (John Goodman) has overcome his guilt about finding a new romance in Louise (Katey Sagal). But he is struggling with exposing his vulnerabilities before his new love partner. He is concerned about his snoring, breathing problems, and the hideous CPAP machine. While he initially resists, he eventually lets his guard and even and embraces his age-problems that ‘won’t go away’. Louise (Katey Sagal) also makes an effort to make Dan comfortable. She establishes that no matter how attractive people look while they are out, most people look absolutely ridiculous when getting ready for bed.

Talking about the old-age romance The Conners Season 2 featured in its semi-finale, actor Michael Fishman wrote a heartfelt message.

The actor wrote quoting Katey Sagal in a tweet, “This was one of my favorite scenes of the season. You’re an incredibly good sport! Classic, realistic, honest, hilarious, heartwarming. You and John were inspiring”.

He later added “This scene was fantastic! As we all grow and age we want to be loved for who we are. Beautiful honesty of two people seeing each other’s best”.

The Conners Season 2 Ends Next Week

The Conners Season 2 is due to air its season finale next week, it is yet to score a renewal for a season 3. But the makers have a plan in place for the next narrative. In yesterday’s episode,  Dan gets a letter from the bank informing him they were foreclosing on the house. This might be a cliffhanger that will link together the plotlines of The Conners Season 2 and Season 3.