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#MeToo Misfire-Andy Signore Exposes His Accuser

Honest Trailers’ creator Andy Signore has come forward with receipts against his #metoo major accuser April O’Donnell. Two years back, Signore faced allegations of sexual misconduct and assault by his fans. He was literally the second person accused in #metoo movement. Signore faced public humiliation as well as issues in his married life after the news went public. However, Andy Signore has come forward after 2 years and exposed April O’Donnell and her lies.

Andy Signore Is Guilty-But It Was Consensual

In 2017, April O’Donnell accused Signore that he tried to use sex toys with her, took her pictures without consent. She also alleged that Signore also offered her job in Screen Junkies if she offered sexual favors. Her allegations were followed by Emma Bowers. Bowers was working for Signore and claimed that Signore invited her to his place for sexual favors.

Andy Signore has now confirmed that he is coming forward with his family support. He could not explain anything before because he was not allowed to disclose the confidential information. Signore was in a lawsuit with Defy Media who suspended him after the allegations and the case is settled now. Andy Signore met April O’Donnell in a convention at Chicago where both started texting and it involved a bit of flirtation. They also hung out together in his hotel room for movies. Andy Signore did not take her photos without her consent. She sent her nudes to him herself.

#MeToo Misfire | April O’Donnell Is Guilty

April O’Donnell kept sending Signore her sexually explicit pictures to seduce him. They mutually agreed on O’Donnell’s visit to his city where she would be staying at a hotel and he would visit her. They had their first encounter there. Signore could not meet her the next day. 3rd day she met him during a shoot and later informed him that one of his teammates is taking her out. Signore was not jealous and encouraged her to go out and have some fun. The whole video confirms that everything that went down between them was totally consensual.

Later, April O’Donnell started relationship with Signore’s teammate and told him that she was calling it quits, Signore wished him well and asked her not to discuss their hookups with anyone. Which she confirmed she would never do and jeopardize his career. But she broke the commitment and defamed Andy Signore with the help of her boyfriend. Signore says her allegations grossly disrespect the real victims of sexual assault.

April O’Donnell Does Not Think She Is Guilty

In light of Andy Signore’s video, April O’Donnell has responded in the form of a tweet shown below.

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