Melanie Martin Is Moving In With Aaron Carter

Just a few weeks ago, Aaron Carter, the American singer, introduced Melanie Martin to the world. After breaking up with Lina Valentina, Aaron has been seen hooking up with Trisha Paytas and Jenna Shea. The thing with Trisha Paytas was only a weekend fling. Both of them had fun and moved on. While Aaron was not making the headlines before Trisha, people started following him to keep a check on how the tables will turn. Soon after, he was seen with Jenna Shea. Aaron Carter was going all 4th Gear with Jenna, they were at NoJumper podcast (a really weird podcast where both of them proved they did not share much chemistry). The relationship lasted for a couple of days only and they broke up. Now, Aaron Carter started seeing Melanie Martin, a bartender, and an Instagram Model. Much to fans’ disapproval; instead of breaking up, Melanie Martin is moving in with Aaron Carter.

Aaron Carter Announces The News

On January 5, 2020, Aaron Carter dropped the bomb that he is dating Melanie Martin. On January 26, 2020, he dropped another bomb that Melanie is moving in with him.

Initially, his followers and the Backstreet Boys Fans (which Aaron Carter claims to be his haters) thought the relationship will end just like Jenna Shea. When it did not end in two days, they started warning Melanie to beware of all the controversies Aaron Carter is currently facing. As well as why his previous girlfriends left him. Aaron has literally proved that he is pretty serious when it comes to Melanie. What’ll come next?

Is Melanie Martin The Next Victim?

A couple of days ago, Aaron Carter’s ex-girlfriend Lina Valentina shared screenshots of a book she is reading these days. The screenshots define her relationship with Aaron Carter, even though she skipped mentioning his name in the shots.

These screenshots are from a book that is literally titled “Psychopath Free”. Is she trying to send subliminal messages to Melanie Martin?

Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys, who happens to be Aaron Carter’s brother but ended up filing restraining orders against him, stays silent on Aaron’s current situation. Mostly because he is following the rules and law. However, BSB fans and other internet users are still trying to protect Melanie from the future.

Twitter Reacts To Melanie Martin & Aaron Carter’s Big Step

Twitter is divided into many groups when it comes to Aaron Carter. There are people who do not like Aaron Carter. Then, there are people who like him but do not like Melanie Martin. Like these ones:

We’re confused about this one. Where to place this fan?

Though Aaron Carter claims to have tamed Melanie, however; Melanie stans think he is gaslighting her. The person who stops others from gaslighting him is gaslighting his own girlfriend.

Does this count as someone complain about her makeup? Because a few years back she posted the following quote on her Instagram:

Melanie Martin is also a Bieber fan. Or, was one but still has this post on her Instagram handle.

Well, we hope they stay happy together and Melanie ends up bringing his good side out. We are not predicting that she’ll be reposting this soon:

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