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Meghan Markle Going Full Hollywood Diva?

Meghan Markle Going Full Hollywood Diva?

Since her royal exit, rumors of her return to Hollywood are rounds. Now it is reported that Meghan Markle's Hollywood diva mode is on.

Since their exit from the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan has been looking for other professional options. Now the news has come out that Meghan Markle Hollywood diva mode is on already.

Ever since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, her life has become a real-life drama

Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Markle played Rachel Zane in Suits from 2011 to 2017. However, she left the show after her engagement with Prince Harry. After two years of their marriage, Markle and Prince Harry stepped back as senior members of the royal family and moved to the US. Recently, it was announced that Meghan Markle made her Disney debut with a documentary film, Elephant. However, the critics did not like Meghan Markle’s narration.

Recently, the sources say that Meghan Markle’s Hollywood diva mode is already on

Since they left the royal family, the couple is looking for more options and trying to revive Markle’s acting career. However, it seems that she has been very picky about what kind of projects she wants to do. According to sources, the Meghan Markle Hollywood diva side is coming forward. They say:

She thinks the majority of them are cheesy and beneath her. Meghan already knows the type of project she wants to do; she’s been telling her agents that she wants Ava DuVernay involved, and that they need to find the right script.

Furthermore, they said:

Meghan is worried that she won’t be taken seriously as an actress. Meghan has made it clear to her team that she will only work with A-list directors, but she doesn’t understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean they want to work with her. This could end up being a very lengthy and tedious process because Meghan wants to control every aspect of whatever project she ends up doing.

It is also reported that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are being offered commercials from Japan. Whether Meghan Markle’s Hollywood diva mode will pay off or not, only time will tell.

But we do hope that her career in Hollywood gets reignited soon. The sources may not always be correct because previously, Meghan Markle’s name has been defamed recklessly by British tabloids.

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