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McDonalds Documentary 'McMillions' By Mark Wahlberg Coming Soon

McDonalds Documentary ‘McMillions’ By Mark Wahlberg Coming Soon

The Daily Beast first published an article in August 2019 called “How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions”. This gained big attention from Hollywood, yet we could not understand that it was all planned. Hollywood was actually working on making something on one of the biggest frauds related to the fast-food chain. In fact, Mark Wahlberg is a producer to a DocuSeries by HBO on this McDonald’s documentary called McMillions.

Documentary on McDonald’s Monopoly Game

The jaw-dropping piece written by The Daily Beast was really worth the read. It focused on a guy, Jerome Jacobson, who created an incredible criminal network. He used groups of crooks and small-time mobsters to pull off a scam that was the first of its kind for the global food chain. Jacobson stole winning game pieces and distributed them to friends and relatives, provided they cut him a portion from their winnings. These game pieces were an integral part of the McDonald’s Monopoly game and winning pieces were super difficult to find.

Since 1987, McDonald’s customers were crazy after collecting Monopoly game pieces. They were attached to drinking cups, french fries packets, and advertising inserts inside magazines. To win, people had to complete the groups of properties inside the Monopoly, or they had to find “Instant Win” game pieces. These super rare game pieces could get you a win from a free Kid’s Meal on a vacation in Jamaica.

This started vigorous online trading on eBay and other places where people set the price of the pieces they did not want. “Instant Win” game pieces, described as high-tier trades, demanded more cash according to their worth. In fact, armed crooks even held whole restaurants hostage demanding game pieces and tickets. Who knew McDonald’s would launch one of the most lucrative marketing strategies through Monopoly since Happy Meal.

Mark Wahlberg To Produce McMillions

Mark Wahlberg’s company called Unrealistic Ideas is producing the series. Stephen Levinson, and Archie Gips are also involved. Producing partners James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte are the documentary directors.

According to HBO, the McDonald’s documentary McMillions will feature footage and firsthand accounts of FBI agents who blew up the scam. Lawyers will also come to the show. They, and the legal and fraudulent prizewinners as well.