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Matthew Perry Wants to Look Like Bradley Cooper

Matthew Perry Wants to Look Like Bradley Cooper

Our favorite character on Friends as Chandler Bing. He was relatable and real. He was sarcastic at times as well. Overall, he seriously he was a mood! And all of that was because of the actor who played him. Matthew Perry for Chandler Bing was the best casting ever. The actor’s tweets just prove that. Be it as Chandler Bing or as himself, Matthew Perry is and always will be relatable.

Matthew Perry Wants to Look Like Bradley Cooper

There’s always this one person who’s so beautiful you want to look like them. They’d have the perfect body, perfect face symmetry, and stunning hair. It makes you want to look like them. We’d thought it was something ordinary people do by looking at celebrities.

Apparently, celebrities themselves do it as well! Matthew Perry recently talked about how he wants to look like none other than Bradley Cooper.

The actor took to his twitter and tweeted out,

On an unrelated note, I would very much like to look like Bradley Cooper. Thanks much.

As we’ve said before, Matthew Perry is the most relatable man ever! Under the tweet, fans are going like you’re good as you are and though there’s no lie in that we understand Matthew. We understand. Like we’d love to look like Lily Collins if that was possible.

He’s Batman Too

We all know hoe Matthew Perry loves Batman. And if you didn’t know already well you know now. So, you’re welcome. Anyways, the actor is a fan of the cloaked hero and since Friends got it’s own leggo set, Matthew Perry made himself a batman. Yet again in another tweet, he tweets,

I built the Friends lego set. I made myself Batman. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m Batman.

Well, Matthew, you can be anyone you want to be. If you just believe in yourself. Or if Hollywood decides to make a biopic of Bradley Cooper’s life and Perry plays him!