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Matthew Morrison Responds to Allegations Against Co-star Lea Michele

Matthew Morrison Responds to Allegations Against Co-star Lea Michele

After many weeks, Matthew Morrison have responded very diplomatically about the Lea Michele incident in a recent interview.

A few weeks ago, Lea Michele came under-fire for her past racist behavior. Since then, many of her co-stars have come forward with allegations. Meanwhile, some of her white co-stars have kept silent until now. Recently, Matthew Morrison responded to these accusations.

After George Floyd’s murder, many celebrities have to face the consequences of their actions including Lea Michele.

When Lea Michele, the star of Glee, posted a tweet in support of Black Lives Matter, Samantha Marie Ware accused her of racist behavior. Samantha called her out in a tweet where she accused her of making her life hell. After that, more of her Glee co-stars, Dabier and Amber Riley, as well as Jeanté Godlock made more allegations. Since then, Lea Michele has made a public apology and regretted her remarks. However, Samantha Marie Ware also said that Lea threatened to get her fired. After this incident. many of her co-stars, except Matthew Morrison, spoke about it. All of them condemned Michele’s behavior.

Finally, Matthew Morrison has broken his silence and responded to Michele’s allegations.

In a recent interview, Matthew Morrison shared his views over the Lea Michele incident. While talking to FUBAR Radio’s Access All Areas hosts, he said:

‘I honestly think it’s a distraction of the bigger issues that are going on right now. It’s kind of like, eh. You want to be a good, pleasant person to be around. That’s about all I’m going to say on that.’

Matthew Morrison’s response seems a bit too diplomatic and pointless. It seems that he just did not want to talk about this issue. There is a possibility that he avoided talking about it because he has dated Lea Michele in the past. Long before they starred in Glee, Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele got in a brief relationship while working on Broadway. Therefore, Morrison has ended the discussion even before it started.

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