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Markiplier Earns Oliver R. Grace Award for Contributing to Cancer Research

Markiplier Earns Oliver R. Grace Award for Contributing to Cancer Research

Popular YouTuber Markiplier, real name Mark Edward Fischbach, was recently awarded the Oliver R. Grace Award for his monetary contribution to Cancer Research. And the way he did it is quite impressive. It involved a ‘tasteful calendar’ featuring explicit yet classy pictures of Markiplier. With his n*de calendar, Markiplier managed to raise about half a million dollars to fund cancer research!

Joel McHale presents the Oliver R. Grace Award at the virtual CRI

Community actor Joel McHale was there to introduce and present the award to Markiplier:

It’s time to bestow this year’s Oliver R. Grace award to an incredibly generous and committed young man, Mark Fischbach, or as he’s better known to several million youtube subscribers, Markiplier.

Joel McHale also shares that he previously had Markiplier on his own Netflix show. During his experience, Joel found Markiplier to be ‘humble, gracious as he is annoyingly successful’. Joel further added how influential and popular Markiplier is to an online audience that helped Mark to raise a significant amount of money for cancer research.

Coming to the Tasteful calendar…

Joel McHale shared that Markiplier’s tasteful n*de calendar managed to raise about $500,00 for CRI in just a matter of two days.

He is the youngest ever recipient of the grace award in its 45-year history. The Oliver R. Grace Award for distinguished service in advancing cancer research recognizes the contributions of dedicated companies or individuals who’ve advanced cancer research through fundraising advocacy and awareness and that certainly describes this year’s honorary Markiplier.

After thanking Joel McHale in his speech, Markiplier shared that he had no idea his n*de calendar would end up benefitting an important cause. In fact, Markiplier was a bit confused about why he was receiving it:

I’m accepting the grace award from the cancer research institute which is an honor to be sure. But I’m also a little puzzled as to why. If you don’t know why or you’re like ‘Oh, you’re too humble!’ Let me explain first and then you will understand. I’m here I think because of my most recent charity effort for the cancer research institute which was me releasing my tasteful n*des calendar which as the name implies contains a lot of pictures of me n*ked.

Though, Mark gave the audience a bit of a background on the calendar. The Gaming YouTuber had promised his fans that he would release a n*de calendar when he reaches 20 million subscribers. Upon reaching that goal, he actually ended up doing what he promised. But he did it for an important cause: cancer research.

I wasn’t just going to do it willy-nilly. I was going to do it for a cause. You know if I can sell my body to raise money for charity. You better sure believe I’m gonna do that so that’s exactly what I did. And so in the end we ended up raising about half a million dollars.

Moreover, he also made a promise to personally sign each of the calendars. Markiplier is a man of his words, so he did actually do that. And it took him 8 days but he shared that it was worth it.

Markiplier’s acceptance speech has an important message

Hearing Markiplier’s acceptance speech is going to give you evidence on why he’s such a popular YouTuber with about 27 million subscribers. He’s humble, down-to-earth, and devoted to important causes such as cancer research.

Markiplier shared why he donated to the cancer research in the first place:

This cause is something that’s worth supporting. It’s why I’m kind of surprised that I’m getting this reward in the face of the people that are actually on the front lines making headway in terms of research and immunology and doing all the actual work that is going to lead towards a cure. Which is the end goal and it’s something that a lot of people can lose sight of.

He shared that some people are often frustrated at not seeing immediate results when donating to any charity but he reminded them that the journey of getting a cancer cure is a long one.

I believe it can happen in my lifetime. And even if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime that doesn’t mean that I’m going to shirk the work in order to get it to the point where the next generation can have that cure. But also that’s why it’s so important to not lose momentum. To not lose sight of the goal that’s on the horizon. It’s so important to remember that this is within reach but there’s still a lot of work to be done to get there.

Markiplier urged his audience to donate to the charity if it was possible to them by clicking on the link provided below the videos. You can donate to the cancer research institute here. You can also donate by texting CURENOW to 76278.

And Mark urged people to share the news on social media and get more awareness if they were not able to donate.

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