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Markell Washington Explains Dixie D’Amelio & Griffin Johnson’s Video, Debunking All Cheating Rumours

Dixie D’Amelio and Sway House’s Griffin Johnson used to date back in 2020. But they ended up breaking up after Griffin Johnson cheated on Dixie. A few months after, Dixie got close to another Sway boy, Noah Beck. Noah and Dixie became an official couple in October 2020 and were very happy together. However, they took their relationship offline because fan speculation about their relationship was taking a toll on them.

Recently, a video went viral where Griffin and Dixie appear to be dancing together. Many people made assumptions that Dixie is cheating on Noah with Griffin. But that isn’t the case as per Dixie and Noah’s close friend, Markell Washington.

Markell Washington says that Dixie D’Amelio did not cheat on Noah Beck with Griffin Johnson

Markell says that he was at that party right next to Dixie D’Amelio. And in the video clip that is circulating online, he was right next to Dixie. Moreover, he even says that before Griffin Johnson even talked to Dixie D’Amelio, he asked for Markell’s permission first.

Markell Washington posted two videos on TikTok and addressed the rumors that Dixie was cheating on Noah with Griffin:

“Im gonna go ahead and nip this [viral video], this right here in the bud. So as you all know Noah’s my roommate and my best friend. And I would never let anyone or anything or anybody disrespect him in front of me or when he’s not around. Period. But the whole thing everyone be missing in this scenario. Me and Dixie was in the party together. Standing next to each other.

I know it’s hard to see because I’m Black. I’m right next to Dixie with that jewelry around my neck. So y’all thinking legit I was standing next to her and I would allow something like that to go down. No!”

Markell Washington further added that Griffin asked for Markell’s permission too:

“And before Griffin approached her, and talk to her, he literally came to ask my permission first to be honest. He literally said, ‘Hey Markell, I know you and Noah are boys but I don’t want any hard feelings. And I just wanna apologize to Dixie and move on and be friends’ And I didn’t think anything was wrong like exes should be friends. So I’m like, ‘Go ahead, proceed’.”

Dixie D’Amelio was perfectly fine with moving on from her past drama with Griffin Johnson as per Markell:

“And after Dixie responded ‘I dont want no drama. We can all be friends. Let’s just have a good time, period’. And then we moved away and just started dancing by ourselves.”

Markell Washington explained that he doesn’t drink or do drugs so if anything scandalous had happened, he would have remembered. He also urged everyone to find something better to do than create false narratives that ruin relationships, especially on Valentine’s Day. Moreover, he also revealed that he was explaining the matter because he wanted the truth out there. And no one else made him do it.

Noah Beck also responded to the speculation about his relationship with Dixie D’Amelio

“You know I love you guys more than anything, but let’s stop jumping to conclusions, okay? It’s not unfair to anyone.”

Beck later corrected his typo and said that he meant to write “fair” instead of “unfair”.

But thanks to Markell Washington, we know that nothing scandalous happened between Griffin Johnson and Dixie D’Amelio. And that Dixie’s relationship with Noah is still there and going strong. A few weeks ago, there was another rumor that Dixie and Noah had broken up because of one comment that Noah had made jokingly.

noah beck jokes relationship with dixie is over Dixie D'Amelio

A fan asked on a TikTok video if Noah and Dixie were still together, and Noah commented, “Nah”. But he later clarified that it was merely a joke. And the two were adamant about keeping their relationship private and offline.

It seems like they’ll continue to keep it offline especially since the fans cannot keep the speculation to themselves.

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