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Manny Mua Reviews Addison Rae’s Item Beauty…and it’s brutally honest

Alright, So Manny Mua finally got his hands on Addison Rae’s new makeup line ‘Item Beauty’. We all know-how these beauty gurus totally adore the very young and talented TikTok content creators. And they are always there when it comes to giving them a pat on the back and making them feel proud of themselves. Manny is going to be the first one to review Addison’s makeup line.

Manny Mua’s Honest Review About Addison Rae ‘Item Beauty’

Can you just ignore the fact that Manny totally adores Addison? Oh, we all adore you, Manny. And we cannot even wait for you to give an honest critique and review about the whole makeup line.

So first things first, the packaging is totally approved by our bad bleep ‘Manny’. And now let’s just break down all the beauty products from ‘Item Beauty’:

Lash snack mascara – $14
Lip Quip –  $12
Brow Chow – $14
Lid Glaze – $14
Cheek Money – $16
Powder Hour – $22

As per Manny, all the products are pocket friendly. So you might want to get your hands on a few of them.

Powder Hour-Blot, Brighten, and Blur Powder

(Made in the U.S.A)

Manny Mua jumped first on the powder hour and thought that it gives more sheen and less blurry effect. But it feels super light and good on the skin.

Manny being Manny was not satisfied with the results so he used it after applying some foundation. And voila, the powder hour is working way better now.

Cheek Money- Glow Bronzer and Contour Duo

(Made in China)

According to Manny, the bronzer and contour blend really nicely on the skin and gives you that natural Gen-z effect.

“The shade range should be a lot better. And it should be a little more clear online. This is not the shade I expected to get. It’s a lot deeper than I expected.”

Brow Chow- Ultra Fine Brow Definer

(Made in China)

Oh, Dayum! Manny Mua thinks that the Brow Chow’s component is exactly like Fenty Beauty’s with a slight difference. And its formula is a little dry.

Lid Glaze- Hydrating Jelly Eyeshadow

(Made in Canada)

So this one of Manny’s least favorite products because it is patchy in a few areas. And it’s not even blending well.

“I don’t know about these. With two layers, it looks really pretty…

You know how Morphe 2 has those like little in the pots like things. I am thinking of that, right. And those actually give you a little bit of pop. But this doesn’t.

With two layers you can get it there.”

So if you want a complete sheen look, you should just go for it.

Lash Snack- Lengthening Mascara

(Made in Italy)

So Manny Mua really likes the mascara and especially the mascara wand. Because it’s much smaller and thinner. And it covers the lashes really well

Lip Quip- Moisturizing Lip Oil

(Made in Korea)

So this was also going to be one of Manny’s favorite products but then sh*t happened. He feels like the lip quip applicator is very thick and when he took it out to apply it, half of the product was missing.

Overall Review By Manny Mua

So our bad bleep is totally confused by the end results of the setting powder. He likes the formula of the bronzer but it’s a little dark for his skin.

Manny Mua loves the mascara because it kind of has a dry formula. But he is not happy with the eye glazes. And he also likes the lip quip but he was kind of confused with half of the missing product.

I don’t know about you guys but I really enjoyed watching the review. Because Manny was brutally honest throughout the video.

Let me know which products do you guys like the most?

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