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Man Claims He’s Bee Gees Singer Maurice Gibb’s Son

Nick Endacott recently thanked his supposed half brother on This Morning Today for putting up the DNA test result on the website. The 51-year old man from East Sussex, claims to be Bee Gees singer, Maurice Gibb’s biological son. A saliva swab came back as an exact match to Gibb’s son, Adam. The family has yet to speak on the matter.

Earlier this week a  51-year old man, Nick, shocked everyone with his claims. The Brit appeared on This Morning today and told that he is the son of Bee Gees singer, Maurice Gibb.

The revelation came after Gibb’s son and alleged brother to the man, Adam, uploaded a DNA test result on It showed that a swab test result from the claimant came in as a 100% match to Maurice Gibb’s son. While thanking his half brother Endacott said that he would love to connect with his “real” family (Bee Gees):

I don’t know how they actually feel about it – whether Adam put his DNA up there to help me or he did it for another reason. But I publicly want to thank him for doing that. I’d love to connect because they’re all musicians like me. I’ve been a singer since I was six.

The supposed son to Bee Gees singer Maurice Gibb kept Looking for his parents.

The claimant also revealed that he was reunited with biological mother Patti Nolder in 2003. Nolder gave him away to a Children’s Home after his birth in 1968. Patti got close to the Bee Gees while working as a studio manager.

Nick shared how he met his mother:

Initially, I started searching in my twenties. It wasn’t until 2001 around my birthday, there was this website where you can put messages up on a forum, so two years later I got an email from my birth mother. She said to me that when it comes around to my birthday she often wonders where I am and what I’m doing.

Nick shared that he didn’t find out about him being Maurice Gibb’s son until Patti told him.

This was over the course of nine years. I’d written to the family and I needed to know my history and nothing came back from any of that.

He told the host that after the DNA test results he finally feels ‘complete’. The family is still quite on the matter.

We will update you when more information starts rolling in.