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Mae Whitman Says Season 2 of Good Girls is Coming Soon!

Good Girls Season 2 was renewed by NBC. though, there are no exact release dates, Mae Whitman told us it's going to be very very soon.

Good Girls Season 2 Coming Very Very Soon!

In an Instagram post, Mae Whitman uploaded a picture of her clad in her character’s clothes.

NBC’s show is apparently back very very soon. It’s speculated that sometime next week the Good Girls Season 2 release date will be revealed. We can finally get our favorite feminist trio back on our screens. They were surely missed, especially Mae Whitman.

Season 1 Finale Recap

The first season of Good Girls ended on a shaky note. After Beth (Christina Hendricks, Annie (Mae Whitman) and Ruby (Retta) robbed the same bank, they also managed to successfully incriminate Rio. The final episode had more shocking discoveries for the characters however. Beth finds out his husband Dean never had cancer. Ruby’s husband puts two and two together and realizes she’s one of the woman who robbed the bank, urging him to end things with her.

And Annie, played by Mae Whitman, finds out that sadly her daughter Sadie actually does prefer the new private school that she’s going to. In the last moments, we find out that even after Rio was handcuffed and rushed to a police car, he gets out. Beth finds him with a beaten up Dean, where she begs Rio not to kill them.

“It takes balls to do what I do. You wanna be the king, you gotta kill the king. This stuff’s medieval, darling.

Henceforth, we find out that Rio wants Beth to prove herself if she really wants to be a criminal. But for that she has to kill the “king” aka Rio.

What to Expect in Good Girls Season 2

We’ll probably get a lot of answers of a myriad of questions that we’ve been holding onto for so long. Will Beth kill Rio or possibly Dean? Is Ruby’s husband Stan going to press charges against her? Will Annie let Sadie go? What will Rio’s gang do to the trio? And what about Mary Pat finding out how much of a prick Boomer is. Will she incriminate him? Anything can happen in Good Girls season 2.

The creator Jenna Bans has told the audience this:

“We’re pretty excited about the places we’re taking these three women. It’s a darkly funny mix of the unexpected and also certain things our audience seems to be craving.”

Let’s hope for the best! Hopefully, Mae Whitman will give us more hints about the show.