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Mads Lewis says her dream is to play Iron Man’s daughter

While we’re covering a lot of the Tiktok drama surrounding Mads Lewis, we also have to cover some lighthearted and positive news. Even though Lewis is mature enough to handle complicated situations with grace, she says she’s drawn to emotional situations on-screen.

Mads Lewis is passionate about acting!

My biggest goal is to be in a Marvel movie, Because I’ve been to almost every avengers like world premiere. The last world premiere I went to was Endgame. And just to feel the emotion of the characters. Like watch all the people in the crowd just cry, laugh, like scream and cheer. Like they feel what those characters are feeling. I love becoming a new character and like relating to her. So, yeah I really want to play Iron Man’s daughter, I feel like I can. So, that’s my biggest goal.

It would definitely be great to see Mads Lewis on screen in a big hit movie as she’s definitely passionate about acting. Let’s hope she makes her acting debut soon! And then who knows? Maybe she’d actually end up playing Iron Man’s daughter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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