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Mads Lewis denies ever copying Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler

After Mads Lewis was accused of copying Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett, she has responded with a fitting reply which might get people to stop accusing her.

One thing people love most about TikTok is that there is always drama. Recently, Mads Lewis received backlash when her followers accused her of copying a caption. However, she denies all accusations with a fitting reply.

Despite her break up, Mads Lewis still seems to be fixated on Jaden and his new girlfriend.

After her break up, Mads Lewis received a lot of support from her fans and followers. Her ex, Jaden Hossler, was bashed and met with anger from her fans. According to rumors, it had not ended between Jaden and Lewis when he started dating Nessa. Their relationship also ended friendships between Jaden and Josh, Nessa’s ex-boyfriend. Despite all the drama still fresh in many’s memory, all parties settled down for a minute. However, Lewis has rekindled the fire. It seems to be that she has been stalking Jaden on social media. Recently, the TikToker posted a picture and tagged her boyfriend, Christain Plourde, with a heartening caption. However, one TikTok user pointed out that the caption is a stolen line commented by Jaden Hossler of his current girlfriend, Nessa Barrett’s picture. Both TikTokers posted a similar comment, which said:

You are everything I’ve wanted and more.

After the comparison video came out, Tiktoker faced a lot of hostility from the fans.

While some fans were still on her side, most of them accused her of copying the caption. Meanwhile, most people expressed annoyance and said Mads is obsessed with Nessa and Jaden. Some even accused her of pretending to be in love with Plorude to make Jaden jealous. One follower commented:

Nessa’s post was about mental health and Mads had to make it about drama. At this point it’s like her bf is more for competition.

Despite the backlash, Mads Lewis came forward to respond to the accusations.

In the same video, she commented and informed her haters that she had blocked Nessa and Jaden. Therefore, there is no chance of her copying them. She wrote:

I have them both blocked and don’t even see their stuff nor do I care. Just a coincidence, y’all really try to make something out of everything. Lol.

Despite this comment, people are not really buying her explanation. However, it seems that Lewis is unfazed by any of it and is just living her best life.

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