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Mads Lewis exposes “cheater” Jaden Hossler on Dixie D’Amelio’s talk show

This celebrity drama has been going on for a long time now. Recently, Mads Lewis was invited on the “Call her Daddy” podcast by Alexandra Cooper. In which Mads talked about her ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler. She also spilled some tea about Nessa and Jaden on the podcast. Mads told the audience that Jaden went behind her back and started hooking up with Nessa Barrett, who was Josh Richard’s girlfriend at that time.

How did Mads know that Jaden was cheating on her?

Mads also said that she heard Jaden’s manager’s voice notes in which he asked Jaden to break up with Mads and pursue things with Nessa. She told Alexandra that Jaden and Nessa were “backstabbing” Josh and obviously herself. As both of them were seeing eachother behind the courtins.

Mads Lewis and Nessa Barrett friendship

She further told Alexandra that she received a text from Jaden Hossler confirming that he liked Nessa. Mads then went on TikTok and posted a TikTok shading Nessa Barrett. She also announced that she presented herself as a crazy person by uploading that video. Mads also shared that her intentions were not to hurt anyone but she had every right to post that video on TikTok. She further shared:

F*ck You, Nessa, honestly. She used to be my best friend.

She also said that Josh and her used to be best friends and he knew about her past relationships but now he hates her.

Millions of people were talking about Jaden and Mads. Many people even tried to silence Mads and said that she did not have any right to go through Jaden’s phone to check his messages.

Lewis tells Dixie that people in LA are mean

The famous TikToker came on Dixie D’Amelio’s show “The Early Late Night Show” in which “Mads Lewis tells all“. She told Dixie that she moved into her new house with some girls. Lewis further added that she has met many guys and girls in LA and most of them are super mean. She said that people in LA usually want to hang out with her to get clout which she does not like. The Tiktoker further added that the girls she moved in with are genuinely nice and sweet and do not hang out with Mads just to get clout.

Mads Lewis shades Nessa Barrett

While she was telling Dixie that the girls who are living with her are super nice and she does not like people who just steal your boyfriend. And the girls she is living with are not like that. Dixie laughed in response. Dixie also asked Mads that how did she handle the whole a lot better than her. To which Lewis responded with a “Yeah” and then she further added:

I just feel like going into something like that in a mature way because we are in like a public situation. Like, we do have a big platform. I am doing it for my own safety and my own mental health. I said what I had to say and then I just left it because I don’t ever want to hurt someone.

Mads further added that she never lets anybody’s opinion get to her. She also shared some bone-chilling details with Dixie and Noah regarding her breakup. Mads shared that Jaden was going on a trip, he kissed her and said he loved her. But then left and broke up with her over the phone. She also said that she found out later that Jaden cheated on her throughout the entire relationship.

In the interview, Mads also talked about her goal to play Iron Man’s daughter!

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