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Mads Lewis spills all “backstabbing” details of Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler in Call Her Daddy podcast

Alexandra Cooper, the host of Call Her Daddy podcast, is known for her blunt and bold talks. Her podcast is becoming a women support program as well, since majority of her recent guests were females. Alexandra recorded a podcast with Mads Lewis a couple of days ago and that was happening almost at the same time when internet was hit with Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler “backstabbing” Josh Richards drama. She started off the podcast with the story of 4 best friends happily living their life, until two of these decided to go behind their lover’s back and started “hooking up”. Alexandra also confirmed that Mads Lewis got the last update of the whole situation 30 minutes before they started recording the podcast.

Mads Lewis and her gut feelings were right all along

Before starting the interview with Mads Lewis, Alexandra Cooper talked about the people on the internet coming for her. Almost everyone was shipping Nessa Barrett with Jaden Hossler from the time the song La Di Die came out. They also blamed Mads for not trusting Jaden, not trusting Nessa and starting the drama through a now-deleted tiktok. Even Josh Richards talked about it on BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy and called out Mads for “trippin..”.

As Alexandra said, no one likes their sh*ttiest breakup to be all over the internet. However, in this case, all of Josh Richards-Nessa Barrett-Jaden Hossler-Mads Lewis millions of fans were talking about the situation.

As I heard her story, I truly cannot imagine. I don’t have f*cking idea and I want you to reflect too. I’ve no f*cking clue what I would have done at 18 years old, with 11 million people tuning into my life and having a say in my relationship as it basically crumbles on social media.


People tried to silent Mads Lewis

Madison Lewis was trying to contact her “friends” through messages and calls but she did not get any response back last week. However, people started to respond to her all of a sudden when they came to know that Mads was appearing on Call Her Daddy podcast. Some of them even tried to “silence” her and asked her not to spill details or call any names on the podcast.

The interview started off with Mads Lewis crying as she was trying to get over the latest bomb dropped on her. She told Alexandra right away that she just received a text from Jaden Hossler confirming that he liked Nessa. Mads also stated that she presented herself on the internet as a crazy person by uploading that tiktok, shading Nessa Barrett. She said that she did not want to hurt Josh Richards or Jaden Hossler but she had every right to upload that tiktok.

F*ck you Nessa, honestly. She used to be my best friend.

While talking about her relationship with Josh Richards, Mads Lewis confirmed that they were best friends and Josh even knew about her previous relationships. However, in a whispering tone, she added:

He hates me now.

An apology to Josh Richards

Before diving into the details, Mads Lewis apologized to Josh, knowing the extent of his love for Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler:

I just want to say… a big apology to Josh. I f*cking love Josh. The fact that he called me crazy, I don’t blame him at all.

Madison Lewis said that while posting that tiktok, she did not realize she would be hurting Josh Richards as well. After the apology, she told about the situation that did not sit right with her. One morning, her phone broke. Jaden was going on a visit with Nessa, his and her manager, Cooper, and Quinton Griggs. He gave his phone to Mads to use as temporary replacement and left. However, Mads said that he came back after 10 minutes and asked for his phone back.

Jaden Hossler told her that his manager asked him not to give her the phone for safety reasons. So he gave her his iPad instead. Meanwhile, she saw him deleting a message from his phone. He denied deleting anything. Later that night, she got a new phone and had his iPad as well. She sent him a text and did not get any response back. That’s when she started to have that gut feeling whenever Jaden was with Nessa, she got that gut feeling that something is happening.

No proof?

Mads Lewis ended up checking Jaden’s iPad. There were no messages from Nessa, however, the ones from his manager were enough to tell Mads Lewis that her gut feelings were right. In the texts, Jaden told his manager that he was coming to Laguna. And there were two voice messages followed by him asking her not to save those messages. In response, there were 2 voice recordings from the manager:

I am so glad you are coming. That makes me so happy. The feelings are mutual between you and Nessa. You just have to make sure you are not with Mads. I am so glad Mads is not coming. You just have to break up with her. Hopefully this time you will have another moment. [meaning him and Nessa]. Hopefully you guys can pursue what you already started.

Mads Lewis said that while she was listening to those voice notes, she could not screen record them as proof since the messages were disappearing at the same time. Those messages, as per her, were probably sent 24 hours back and it was the time for them to disappear. Mads further confirmed that at that point, she was only thinking about Josh Richards as his relationship with Nessa Barrett was over at that time.

Mads ended up calling Jaden Hossler 20 times, and he did not attend her calls. So she contacted Cooper and left a message for Jaden. Jaden called her back and Mads told him that he had only one chance to tell the truth. He said:

Okay. I don’t like you anymore.

How Mads Lewis and Jaden Hossler broke up?

Mads Lewis said that the breakup was not because of Nessa Barrett. Jaden and Mads jumped into the relationship and tried to make each other happy, however, it was not a success. So, they decided to go their separate ways.

Love the kid. I wish him the absolute f*cking best. No, he did not cheat on me with Nessa. That’s what he said. He said he would never do that to Josh.

The call lasted for an hour and they broke up. However, Mads Lewis highlighted that Jaden asked her not to tell Josh about it. In Madison’s opinion, Josh deserved to know it all since Jaden’s manager was trying to push him into a relationship with Nessa Barrett for “clout”. Mads Lewis believes that, in her opinion, the manager was the reason everything happened. She also clarified that she loves the song and she is not jealous.

The morning she recorded this podcast, Mads Lewis saw some tweets that said Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler were together late at night. And then she was in his car at 7 in the morning. Mads contacted Jaden again to figure out the truth and he ended up telling her that he liked Nessa.

Mads Lewis further stated that she took a screenshot of the message and sent it to Josh Richards to prove to him that she was not the crazy one. In response, Josh Richards sent her a thumbs-up emoji. Meanwhile, Jaden Hossler told her that Josh knows, and he wants Jaden to be happy.

Josh must really hate himself if he is okay with that.

Josh Richards is not okay

Discussing his BFFs podcast and what he said, both Alexandra Cooper and Madison Lewis agreed on the fact that Josh Richards was in love with Nessa Barrett a week ago. He was so deeply in love with her that he almost cried talking about it with Dave Portnoy. In fact, Josh also that if the rumors of Jaden and Nessa hooking up were true, then he would become heartless.

Josh wanted to marry Nessa. But now, he has lost all the hope he had.

I love Jaden. I wish him the absolute f*cking best, I want him happy. So, if him being happy is being with Nessa, then be with f*cking Nessa. If you being happy is being with somebody else, then be with them.

Mads Lewis also talked about Jaden’s upcoming album and cried while confessing that she would still be there listening to his songs and watching him perform.

Mads Lewis talks about Nessa Barrett & Chase Hudson

Predicting that Nessa Barrett would probably say some sh*t, Mads Lewis still confirmed that she loves Nessa.

I know she goes through hard times. I know her entire life story. She was my best friend.

Both of them lived together for 3 months and they only had each other at that time, since both of them were going through post-breakup phase. They also took a vow that they would be there for each other no matter what happened next. Then on the 4th of July last year, Mads went home after an argument with Jaden. She contacted Nessa later and told her she wanted to go to Hype House with Nessa to take her mind off things. And Nessa told her:

No, nobody wants you here. Nobody likes you.

Mads Lewis said that after her text, she knew Nessa was with Chase Hudson (Charli D’Amelio’s ex-boyfriend). She also apologized for bringing up the old topic since everyone loves Charli D’Amelio. But Mads wanted to tell it all because she knew Nessa would come for her after the podcast.

After getting her rude response, Mads Lewis wanted to do the same thing to Nessa Barrett. She was hanging out with Jaden Hossler again, so she told him about Nessa being with Chase. Mads Lewis claimed that she was laying in the same bed as Chase and Nessa. She looked over and Chase asked her to stay “sshh”, so she went back to sleep. So she told Josh Richards about it, because Jaden asked her to do so.

Josh Richards already had an idea about it. Before she could tell anything, the guys beat her to it and they told Josh that Nessa was with Chase. Mads further added that Josh got so mad he threw the ringlight and broke it. Nessa Barrett called her crying and said:

your relationship with Jaden is not gonna work out. So you better take the blame for me. You better say you got with Chase. That wasn’t me.

At that time, Nessa Barret did not know that Mads Lewis was one of the people who told Josh about her. Instead of telling her no, Mads said that she would do it. But she did not tell Nessa the actual scenario. When Mads and Nessa started to date Jaden and Josh again, they decided to be friends again and forget the past. Meanwhile, Jaden and Nessa decided to do a song together.

Getting back with Jaden Hossler?

Mads Lewis confirmed that she is moving forward in her life and focusing on her lessons. She also confirmed that for now, she does not think she will date Jaden again. She wanted to go through the healing phase before getting into any relationship again. Madison Lewis also asked her fans not to send hate to any one at all.

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