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Madison Beer Gets Hit By Tear Gas Amidst George Floyd's Death Protests

Madison Beer Gets Hit By Tear Gas Amidst George Floyd’s Death Protests

Model and singer Madison Beer decided to join the angry mob of protestors rioting over George Floyd’s death. However, she choked as she was hit by tear gas shells in Santa Monica on Sunday. The 21-year-old shared her experience with fans and the audience and admitted that she has been struggling to breathe after fleeing from the scene. The singer was out to riot against the police and the government who are failing to properly take charge of the situation in which a black man was yet again killed by a white policeman.

George Floyd’s Death Make Madison Beer Join The Mob

Madison Beer joined the crowd to protest George Floyd’s death. She was wearing a mask that was adding to the struggle of her breathing. She urged all others to flee from the scene after police arrived and starting firing gas cans.

“If anyone’s in santa Monica, please leave now. They’re tear-gassing everything, everywhere. I was just tear-gassed and I can’t breathe.”

The singer took uploaded an Instagram Story while out to riot for George Floyd’s death. you can see the pictures here. the star was warning here audience and fans about the facts police were using to disperse and arrest the crowd. Writing in all-caps, she told them that they were shooting tear gas at the crowd and arresting everyone.

Beer has been very vocal about the incident, joining the crowd for protests to demand justice over George Floyd’s death. People on social media claim how thousand of people are in custody just so that one person, former police officer Derek Chauvin, could walk free.

She also wrote a heartful caption to pay tribute to Floyd, after Chauvin killed him by kneeling on his neck. The video shot by a passerby clearly showed how Floyd was telling the crowd that he can’t breathe. Beer wrote:

“I am mourning all of the unjust murders of black people around the world in the hands of institutional racism and hate crimes. because i am a white person, i have the privilege of not having to fear for my life due to the color of my skin, but i will always stand with you and fight with you. your voice matters. you will not be silenced.”