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Madison Beer opens up about mental health and self harm

Madison Beer opens up about mental health and self harm

The 21-years-old Madison Beer arrived at BOA Steakhouse recently to celebrate her one-year anniversary of staying clean from self-harm. The American singer became a music sensation at the age of 13 when Justin Bieber tweeted one of her covers’ link. Since then, she has gathered a huge fan following. Madison was diagnosed for Borderline Personality Disorder in August 2019 and she has opening up about her mental health from last few months. The “Good in Goodbye” singer recently dedicated a post to her fans, telling them how proud she is for the people staying clean from self harm.

Madison Beer celebrated anniversary of staying clean

Madison Beer celebrated her one-year-anniversary of staying clean with her close friends at BOA Steakhouse.

Madison Beer is working on her new album these days. She is also rumored to be dating Nick Austin as both of them are seen together sharing meals.

The tragedy

When Madison Beer was 14 years, her nude photos got leaked by someone. That was a very tough period of life for her. It affected her mental health as she sent her nudes to her boyfriend back then, but somehow he showed the images to her family and music executives, and later shared it on the internet.

On her 21st birthday, the same boy circulated an old video of her and this time, Madison Beer did not let him win the war. She learnt from her past, embraced it and opened up about her experience. On International Women’s Day this year, Madison Beer shared an important message with her fans:

On IWD I am going to free myself of this weight I carry. I am going to tell my 14-year-old self the following which I hope may help some of you to be kinder to yourselves as young women.

She also discussed her latest album in an interview recently, where she shared that her upcoming album Life Support covers her experience after being diagnosed with BPD. Madison told NME:

[album] was my life support and that’s why I called this album ‘Life Support’. It kept me alive, I found a passion and something that felt good. I was like, this is a reason to live and this is enough. I can be here for this

Madison Beer’s Life Support is expected this year. However, no specific date has been announced yet.