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Luke Cage Star Mustafa Shakir Will Perform As Baron Samedi In American Gods Season Two

Confirmed! Luke Cage Star Mustafa Shakir Will Perform As Baron Samedi In American Gods’ 2nd season.


Yetide Badaki Announced Mustafa Shakir’s Entry In American Gods’ 2nd Season

Recently, Yetide Badaki, another American God Cast member announced the entry of Mustafa Shakir in American Gods‘ 2nd season’. Yetide Badaki is a Nigerian-born American actress. She portrays Bilquis on the Starz series American Gods. Her latest Twitter post, in fact, reads:

Mustafa Shakir As Baron Samedi

Previously, speculations have been made about the casting of former Luke Cage actor Mustafa Shakir to act in The American Gods’ season 2. But, it is now confirmed that the actor will play Baron Samedi in the fantasy drama.

The actor, in fact, himself officially confirm on an Instagram post that he will be Baron Samedi in American Gods’ 2nd season.

Basically, Baron Samedi is a god of Haitian Voodoo. As a matter of fact, Samedi is a loa of the dead. In the second episode of American Gods’ 2nd season, Mad Sweeney told Laura about a devil in New Orleans. In the third episode, viewers learn that the “dead wife” need the Baron. Baron Samedi is the one who can bring Laura back to life.

American Gods’ 2nd season: The Fiction Fantasy

Season one of American Gods left the audience curious to know what happens with Shadow (Ricky Whittle) and Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane). The fantasy drama is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel. Starz telecasts Season two of American Gods in the US on Sunday 10th March 2019. While the second season’s first episode airs in the UK and internationally on Amazon Prime on Monday 11th March 2019. The remaining episodes, however, will be released weekly.

Mustafa Shakir, The ‘Luke Cage’ Villain

Mustafa Shakir is an American actor and rapper popular as Bushmaster in Marvel’s Luke Cage. Luke Cage is a  Netflix web television action drama by Cheo Hodari Coker. The series is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

Mike Colter stars as Luke Cage. The title character is a former convict with superpowers and unbreakable skin. He later turned into the protagonist who fought against crime and corruption. Mustafa Shakir, however, played the role of John McIver/Bushmaster. He was, principally, the leader of Stylers (a Jamaican gang). This gang in fact exploited folk magic to achieve powers that are almost equal to Cage’s super strength. Netflix decided to discontinue its relationship with Marvel because of “creative differences.” Thus, Luke Cage is wrapped up after the second season.