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Lukas Gage Confirms He’s Dating Kiernan Shipka!

Lukas Gage & Kiernan Shipka dating| At least, that’s what it looks like.

You see, Kiernan Shipka’s Instagram profile is full of romantic pictures of her standing alongside Coppola. But she’s also gotten some pretty flirtatious comments by Lukas Gage that she often responds to in an even more romantic way. Just look at this as evidence.

Kiernan Shipka Lukas Gage Romantic Interaction
kiernan romantic lukas Lukas Gage

This was back in November, on Kiernan’s birthday!

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And while she didn’t respond, Lukas Gage did! As per Gage, he and Kiernan Shipka are dating!

Here was the picture Kiernan posted:

Kiernan Shipka Christian Coppola December Instagram Photo
Kiernan Shipka | Instagram

Here’s my comment and Lukas Gage’s confirmation that he is indeed dating Kiernan Shipka:

Kiernan Shipka Lukas Gage dating confirmed by Gage with a comment.

Of course, I asked him for further comment, but he hasn’t responded yet. And even though Kiernan Shipka didn’t respond to me, she did respond to Lukas Gage claiming her to be his:

Lukas Kiernan Comment Interaction

And there was someone else who was also asking about Lukas Gage and Gage also responded to him:

another comment under kiernan profile Lukas Gage

Well, there you have it. Are you now more confused than before? Because I certainly am!

And it appears that Kiernan Shipka enjoys spreading a little bit of chaos on her social media. She only selectively responds to comments and she’s not denying or confirming romance with Lukas Gage. All her posts and comments are open to interpretation.

But if Lukas Gage is to be believed, then Kiernan Shipka and Lukas Gage are officially dating! But it must be noted that Kiernan has a lot of photos featuring Christian Coppola, and none featuring Gage.

Perhaps, it’s just a long-running joke between them. But hey, I’m onto them now. I’ll let you know if I see or hear anything of interest.

And again, I just hope that they’re all happy!

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