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London Grammar reveals new single after 3 years

London Grammar reveals new single after 3 years

London Grammar, the famous English Indie pop band, has returned to cheer its fans after three years. That’s right, the band released their last album “Truth is a beautiful thing” in 2017. And when everyone thought 2020 will not bring any good news at all, London Grammar surprised their fans with teasers from their latest album. Just a couple of days ago, the band teased their return with an Instagram post. Now, their song Baby It’s You just premiered on YouTube.

London Grammar returns with Baby It’s You

The three-piece have proved time and again that “nothing else matters” other than a good music collection. And that’s what they captioned their return as well.

One day later, they posted a teaser of their latest track, Baby It’s You.

I don’t know about you but Hannah Reid gives me goosebumps every time she starts singing. For the song premiere, the trio streamed live for an hour on YouTube, where they had a chat with their fans that were attending the live premiere. Out of the 2500 people watching, 1400 have already hit the like button.

London Grammar

As the title indicates, it is a romantic song where Hannah sings about the lover being “it” for her. The lyrics strongly highlight the importance of the lover, and how prominent they stand even in a crowd.

All these lights are changing

See them everywhere

In my veins like lightning

I don’t even care

And the crowd is heavy

I don’t wanna move

All these colours in me

but all I see is you

A fan theory

Well, yes it’s mine. The caption of their first Instagram teaser, “nothing else matters” is also a part of the lyrics from London Grammar’s Baby It’s You. This song comes at a point where we have seen many people getting married, or getting divorced/separated after staying together 24/7 during the quarantine period. When you spend all of your time with your partner inside a house, you realize many things. It’s either that you cannot live without them, or you cannot live with them at all.

London Grammar’s Baby It’s You is about the people finding their true love amid the pandemic. They might have some other vision behind the song, but it fits in the current scenario where the world is filled with negativity to a point that everyone is getting cancelled for one reason or the other. If you love someone, use this song to express your feelings and do not let them go. 2020 has already taken enough from all of us already.

Album release

London Grammar released their first album If You Wait in 2013, while their second album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing dropped in 2017. Their third album will be coming soon, though the date is not confirmed yet. Meanwhile, enjoy their new track.