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Logan Paul won't let girlfriend Josie Canseco do THIS to him

Logan Paul won’t let girlfriend Josie Canseco do THIS to him

Alright, so I am kind of shocked why a sphincter is part of Logan Paul’s podcast. And why is Logan upset with his girlfriend ‘Josie Canseco’? This ‘sphincter’ topic is a little sensitive to me because of some obvious reasons. But I totally get where Logan stands in this situation and why he is so irritated by it. So Josie has a thing for touching Logan’s as*hole. I had to say it out loud for you guys! But if a guy has a thing for a girl’s *bleep*, a girl can have it in return.

Logan Paul doesn’t want Josie Canseco to explore his region

You guys must be thinking ‘look how she is making up stories of her own’. But I am actually talking about a clip from Logan’s new episode of Impaulsive.

“Josie has been taking her finger and putting it around my uhh b*tthole. It doesn’t stop so I came here as a man to express this to you people. because I am so confused”.

I feel bad for you Logan. And the fact that you are always nervous when Josie does this to you. You want her to stop but she doesn’t.

Then Logan asks Mike’s girlfriend if she does the same thing to him. And her reply is kind of funny.

“So Josie if you’re watching this, the way to get the closest I have ever gotten close to Mike’s b*tth*le, like actually getting inside of it. You have to promise a b*owjob while you do it. And then casually slip your finger inside of it…”

Now let’s see what Mike has to say about his girlfriend spilling too much tea.

“You want to explore the region, go ahead explore. Be a tourist. You want to drill for oil, no-no-no. You keep your drill bit out of the ground.”

Josie rocked, Logan shocked

So Logan mentions that he gets really aggressive when Josie tries to dig for the oil without informing him.

‘I am defending the integrity of my r*ctum.’

Then Mike’s girlfriend mentions that there is a thing called p*ostate massage. And Logan gets extremely shocked when he googles if guys have a g-sp*t.

“The p*ostate or male g-spot is a small organ that can provide pleasure. It is located internally between the base of the p*nis and the r*ctum.”

Well, that’s too much information for a whole decade. So in the end, Logan asks everyone if their girlfriends ever try to dig for oil or if it’s just Josie who likes to go for it.

Mike even gave him a lame tip. Like if Josie wants to do it, she should do it with a sound effect. So you are prepared for what’s about to come. Like come on guys, it’s not an HBO show.

I never knew there is a thing called a p*ostate massage which can also be used to give pleasure. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want one because I just got my sphincter dilated. And I really feel sorry for Logan for going through all of this.