Logan Paul Slapped Someone Who Called Him A P*Ssy, &Amp; Celebrities Support Him

Logan Paul slapped someone who called him a p*ssy, & celebrities support him

After Logan Paul got into a fight with a random guy outside a nightclub, many of his fellow social media stars extended their support.

Although Logan Paul is trying hard to break away from the image of a troublemaker, trouble finds him anywhere. Last night, an altercation took place at a famous nightclub. During a chat with the paparazzi, someone called Paul a p**sy. While the crowd booed him, the YouTuber lunged forward to slap his hat off. However, his podcast co-host, Mike Majlak, grabbed Paul and stopped it from getting out of hand. After that, many other TikTokers and YouTubers responded and extended their support for their fellow YouTuber.

From controversy king to a professional boxer, Logan Paul fame is un-matchable

Although he started making videos on Vine, YouTube truly made him the star. However, Logan Paul is also one of the most controversial social media stars. Throughout his career, he has faced backlash for his outlandish videos. At one point, Logan Paul received heavy criticism when he made a video of a dead body in Japan’s suicide forest. Similarly, he made inappropriate claims about going gay for a month. However, he has transitioned from a mere YouTuber to a professional boxer. In his short boxing career, he has managed to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. and KSI. According to rumors, he might face the legendary boxer Mike Tyson, in his next match.

Recently, he had an altercation with a man outside a nightclub.

Last night, Logan Paul, the ImPaulsive co-host, Mike Majlak, and friends were seen hanging outside Nightingale, a celebrity nightclub. Therefore, the paparazzi and reporters gathered outside the club. During his chat with the paparazzi, a passerby joined the crowd and asked Logan Paul an inappropriate question. The man asked if Paul was a p**sy or what? Instantly, the crowd started to boo the guy, and he started to walk away. However, Logan Paul was smiling and grabbing the guy by his arm. At the same time, he slapped away the hat from his head. Before Logan Paul could do anything else, Majlak interrupted and pushed the guy away. After a few seconds, security grabbed him and took him away.

After the incident, Logan Paul got support from his fellow social media stars.

The paparazzi caught the entire incident on camera. After the celebrities left the nightclub, the reporters asked them what they think about Logan and the random guy’s fight. Musical artist, Charly Jordan did not know what took place but when the reporters asked what she thought about it, she said:

I’m sure there was a good reason why the guy called him that. But if I was there, I would have Paul’s back.

At the same time, she thought it was annoying that a random guy would call him a p**sy and she would have slapped the guy as well. On the other hand, Bryce Hall seemed to take the whole situation as a joke and acted to be surprised over the fight. The video instantly went viral and Keemstar also tweeted about it. According to him, the guy needed a slapping.

While many think he did the right thing, Logan should have ignored the guy and moved on. Maybe he wanted to be in the headlines.

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