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Logan Paul & Mike Majlak's Friendship in jeopardy after Majlak calls Paul a D-rider

Logan Paul & Mike Majlak’s Friendship in jeopardy after Majlak calls Paul a D-rider

Well, we never thought this day would possibly come when Mike Majlak would be calling out his best friend Logan Paul a D-rider. Now we all know that Mike has a history and he doesn’t really like to put much focus on his words. We have not only heard him say a lot of bad sh*t about best friend Logan’s little brother Jake Paul. But he has also said some really weird things about Logan’s ex-girlfriend Josie Canseco and his own girlfriend Lana Rhoades.

Mike has proven his outspokenness once again by calling out his best friend Logan Paul a D-rider on “The Mom’s Basement” recent podcast. All the Impaulsive fans are extremely shocked by Mike’s disrespectful comment.

Mike Majlak Calls Logan Paul A D-rider

So Mike was a guest in “The Mom’s Basement” recent podcast. Where he said a lot of questionable things about Logan Paul. And one of Logan’s fans shared a clip of that podcast on their Instagram which I am going to attach here for you guys.

“There are a lot of times where Logan can be a di*krider, and shit. And I was providing a f-ing and stuff like that. I am gonna be honest if Logan sees an opportunity with a celebrity of that stature of Harry Styles. He is gonna say something on the podcast to squeeze it into it. He didn’t come out of that show thinking oh wow we did a great job pushing for the wears of male wearing of dresses.”

Some of the things might not make any sense to you guys. But Mike is actually referring to an Impaulsive podcast from November in which Logan took Harry Style’s side when he wore a dress. We really have no idea why Mike would bring Logan’s remarks from November’s podcast about Harry Style’s Vogue cover. Maybe he wanted to gain clout or maybe he wasn’t happy with Logan’s point of view.

Logan Paul Reacts To Mike Majlak’s Negative Remark

So there is a fan page of Logan and other celebrities by the name of “minimintersss_” on Instagram who posted a clip of Mike’s negative remark from “The Mom’s Basement” podcast and tagged Logan. A couple of hours later, Logan made a comment on that post and was utterly disappointed by Mike’s remark.

“This upsets me and I wish I hadn’t seen this. Mike will change his character based on who he’s with and what room he’s in. Everyone in the house knows this and it’s been an issue in the past, especially when we go out socially. I’ve caught Mike in lies before, and I try my hardest to help him shed that very ugly part of his personality. But evidently, there’s no progress.”

Logan further clarified that whatever Mike has said in The Mom’s Basement podcast is “not true”:

“Everything he (Mike) said here is simply not true. George can attest. I was even fired up before and especially AFTER the podcast when they couldn’t see my point of view on Harry Style’s dress situation. What a shame. Hopefully, he can take his mask off before the rest of his closest friends realize he’s really only riding for the room of people he wants to impress.”

We all get where Logan is actually coming from. Mike shares a roof with Logan, and he still didn’t think once or twice before going behind his back and making those remarks.

Mike Majlak Tries To Defend Himself

Meanwhile, Mike posted a very unapologetic apology under “minimintersss_” Instagram post in which Logan called him out for his upsetting negative remarks. Though the profile holder later deleted Mike’s comment. But Def Noodles posted the whole thread on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“Mike: You said I will never admit when I’m wrong, well let me correct that behavior: I was wrong here. I made a tasteless comment. If I made it around Logan and our friends, that would be one thing, But I didn’t. I love to run my mouth, say things sarcastically, and mess around, and sometimes that bites me.

Anybody who knows anything knows I have done nothing but push tirelessly as a member of team maverick since the day I joined. Logan and I are handling this behind the scenes, as we should. And I’m working on adjusting how and when I say certain things.”

Well, we can just hope and pray that Mike actually realizes his mistake this time. And try to remedy the hurt which he has caused Logan and millions of his and Impaulsive fans because of the negative remark which he recently made.