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Logan Paul and Josie Canseco back together after rumored breakup

Logan Paul and Josie Canseco back together after rumored breakup

So, it’s been a week since things supposedly went bad between Logan Paul and his girlfriend Josie Canseco. Though there were a lot of rumors surfacing on social media regarding this couple’s rumored breakup. But the reason is still unknown to their fans or social media outlets. Some of you might not know that Logan and Josie used to run around in the same social circles but never actually got the chance to know each other in person. They started dating at the beginning of this year and after that had at least one official and three rumored breakups (in less than nine months).

We all know that both the Paul brothers have had their fair share of girlfriends. Some were just a temporary part of their lives. While others managed to stay close to them in the form of BFFs. Now we really don’t know what went down between Logan and Josie. But sometimes all we need is a little break from our loved ones and sort out our own sh*t. So maybe this could be one of the reasons why Logan and Josie decided to part ways for almost a week.

Logan Paul and Josie Canseco are back with each other after the rumored breakup

Yes guys, finally our favorite couple is back together after their rumored breakup. Last week, both Josie and Logan unfollowed each other from all of their social media apps. They even archived most of their couple pictures as well.

Then a few fan pages of Logan started sharing news of the couple’s rumored breakup on Instagram. Last week, Logan and Josie unfollowed each other for a few hours. And then they started following each other again.

But then once again they unfollowed each other and this time fans got a little worried. Some fans also mentioned that they have been noticing this thing for a very long time. But they thought maybe something is wrong with Instagram.

So a few hours ago Josie shared a memory from December 2019 on her Instagram story. You can clearly see that these two are busy having some mouth to mouth action.

And a few minutes later Logan re-shared Josie’s Instagram story. And once again they have started following each other on social media. Oh wait, and there is one thing which has been bothering me since morning. Both Josie and Logan deleted this Instagram story in less than 20 hours which is a little weird.

Maybe this picture from December 30th holds a special place in their heart. It could be the first time when they kissed each other or maybe Logan asked out Josie on this date. Anyways, both Logan and Josie still haven’t shared the reason for archiving each other’s pictures and unfollowing each other from social media.

We are really happy for the couple’s reconciliation and cannot wait to see them popping in each other’s Instagram and Snapchat stories.

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