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Logan Paul Riding Golf Carts on a Beach During Turtle Nesting Season gets Backlash

Another day, another controversy for Logan Paul and his brother. Recently, the Youtuber and his team were seen riding golf carts on a beach in Puerto Rico. While riding carts isn’t an issue, but riding them during the turtle nesting season is a major issue. Therefore once again the Paul brothers are facing some major backlash.

Earlier this year, Logan Paul packed up his life in the US and moved to Puerto Rico

According to YouTuber turned boxer, Logan Paul, decided to move to Puerto Rico because he wanted to get away from the fast-paced life of LA. At the same time, he stated the high taxes in California to be a huge motivator. During an episode of his podcast, Impaulsive, he said:

“I have to get out of LA — I’ve been feeling it. Even before I went to Puerto Rico I was looking at a couple of houses in LA just to change it somehow. It’s getting crazy here in California you know, paying taxes and for what? Potholes in the streets are not fixed. There are homeless people everywhere … like I don’t know. I don’t love it.”

While it should not be an issue for a person to move to another country, Paul faced criticism for his decision of moving to Dorado.

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Recently, Paul and his brother came under fire for riding golf carts on a beach.

It is a known fact that several species of turtles lay their eggs on the beach from February to August. Therefore, driving any kind of vehicles on the beach is prohibited as it can cause damage to the eggs. However, Logan, Jakeand their team did not seem to have this information. During his visit to Puerto Rico, Jake Paul posted a video where he and others were seen riding golf carts. After the video went viral, Paul brothers once again faced major backlash. One person tweeted:

One wants to be calm and comes across this video of Jake Paul destroying our beaches.

Meanwhile, another called it ‘American colonialism’.

After the Twitter outrage, authorities got involved and the Youtubers are under investigation.

At the moment, Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources have opened an investigation on Logan Paul and his team. This department is responsible for protecting Puerto Rico’s natural and environmental resources. According to their law, seas turtles are federally protected animals. Therefore, the country has put restrictions on several beaches during the nesting season. The department has also issued an official statement.

Despite the investigation and backlash, Logan Paul or Jake Paul has not commented on the incident.

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