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Logan Paul Confronts the Spitting Girl and We are All for it!

Logan Paul was recently spat on by a College student. After running the student down, Paul had some choice words for her that will undoubtedly impact her life in a positive way.

Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul are no strangers to controversies. Ever since the Impaulsive Podcast’s host’s “Japan Vlog” went viral, he has stayed in the news, sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for the wrong ones. Recently, he was spat on by a college student who clearly wasn’t a Logan Paul fan. This interesting Logan Paul spitting incident started making rounds on social media platforms in no time.

Logan Paul’s Confrontation with the Spitting Girl!

The University of California – Berkeley student was apparently not fast enough to escape the premise after the incident. Paul and the company ended up confronting her. The brief exchange saw the host of Impaulsive Podcast handling the situation with maturity.

The girl clearly stated that she didn’t respect Paul and wasn’t sorry about her actions. However, the Help Me Help You singer stated that he loved the girl and advised her not to spit on people in the future.

Logan Paul’s Take on the “Spitting” Incident

The issue was brought up during January 28, 2020, edition of the Impaulsive Podcast. While Logan Paul said that he found the girl’s action disrespectful, he hoped to have changed her through their interaction. He also indicated that he could relate to the girl because of his own crazy history and controversies.

Let’s see if Paul’s approach to handling the situation positively changes the girl’s attitude.

Most of the social media users didn’t like what went down.

Amid the praise, it looks like some people who aren’t fond of Logan Paul and Jake Paul found the issue amusing. For example, we can safely assume that this girl isn’t a big Logan Paul Fan…

What’s your take on the entire fiasco? Do you think the girl’s action was justified just because she wasn’t a Logan Paul fan? How did you find Logan’s way of diffusing the situation? Sound off in the comments!